Five Original Wedding Ideas in 2018

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So you’ve got the ring (check), posted a pic of ring on the social (check), told your family (check), gloated to your friends (check), now all that’s left to do is start planning your wedding!

Every couple wants their wedding to be different so here are some original ideas that will make your wedding stand out.

Original Wedding Decorations: BYO Flowers

What is a wedding without flowers? While you’d love your wedding space to be in full bloom, flowers are often the most expensive element of the whole affair. That’s where the ingenious idea of BYO flowers comes in. Instead of receiving gifts from your guests, ask them to bring along a bouquet of their choice. This way your wedding can look like a blooming garden without you having to sacrifice thousands of dollars which you might want to put towards your dress or the bar.

Original Wedding Entertainment: A Video Confession Booth

The photo booth is so 2017. In 2018 we suggest you take things up a notch with a video confession booth. Set up a booth with a video camera where guests can climb in throughout the night at different stages of “merriment” and leave messages for you and your partner to laugh your heads off at the next day. You could ask a videographer to edit some of the best bits together to make a hilarious edition to your wedding video.


Original Wedding Game: Couples Trivia

Wedding speeches mean a lot to the happy couple. However lets be real, they can also be long, tedious and a little boring for the guests. To save your guests from getting restless get your MC to break up the speeches with some trivia questions about the bride and groom. Try to make sure the questions span across the variety of wedding guests, some for your high school friends, some for your work mates, some for your family etc so everyone feels included and enjoys themselves.


Original Catering Idea: Kebab Truck

Everyone knows that in Australia it is tradition at the end of a long night of drinking and dancing to grab a end of night kebab. Why break with this tradition just because it’s a wedding? Organise for a Kebab truck to arrive at the end of the night when you friends and family have worked up an appetite and are finally heading home. We guaranteed they will be overjoyed with this funny little surprise and it will also make for some great photos.

Original Bridal Party Idea: Flower Grans

If you don’t have a special kid in your life, don’t just borrow one for the sake off having a cute kid in your bridal party. Have a flower gran instead! What better way to include your Grandmother in your wedding then have her play the role of flower girl proceeding you down the isle with flowers. It will mean more to your grandmother plus it will really make your wedding entrance stand out from any your guests have seen before.

11 Engagement Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

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Updated 17th November 2017.

Engagement Parties Brisbane

11 Engagement Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

So you’ve got the ring on your finger and updated your Facebook relationship status accordingly, the only thing left to do to set your engagement off is to throw a great party at an even greater engagement party venue. But if you don’t want to settle for just any old celebration, our team have come up with 11 great engagement party ideas that’ll have you smiling all the way down the aisle.


Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement Party Idea 1: Make it a masquerade

Theming & Styling

Give your party a dark and mysterious feeling with some mood lighting, candlelit tables and stylish mirrors. For some added style points book a venue with your very own romantic balcony overlooking the city – talk about romantic.


Dress Ups/Attire

When it comes to masquerade balls, style is everything. Grab a great disguise and get ready to hit the dance floor – but warning, even a mask won’t cover up Aunty Rita’s signature dance moves.


Food menu ideas

You can’t have a fancy dress ball engagement party calls for some seriously fancy food to match! How about freshly shucked oysters, seared scallops on the half shell and miniature beef mignon – ooh la, la!


Beverage menu ideas

Speaking of fancy, no engagement celebration is complete without a little bubbly. Get in the celebratory mood and toast to the beginning of your new adventure with an endless supply of premium Australian sparkling wine.



Let’s face it, tor an upmarket affair like this, an iPod is just not going to cut it! Go hard or go home with a killer live band – Bonus points if you can convince your Uncle Kevin to whip out an impromptu guitar solo.



Engagement Party Ideas


Engagement Party Idea 2: The winter wonderland party

Who cares if it’s 35 degrees outside, nothing makes a statement quite like a winter wonderland!


Theming & Styling

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow or at least make it look like it has. Turn up the air con, hire an ice sculpture and transform your function space into a romantic snowy escape – just remember, licking an ice sculpture may seem like a great idea at the time, but some pranks aren’t worth the awkward trip to the emergency room, we’re looking at you Michael.


Dress Ups

You might be the one wearing white on the big day, but an all white engagement party has got some serious style appeal, just avoid the red wine.


Food Menu Ideas

Match your menu to the theme with a warming, seasonal buffet with spiced ham off the bone and roast turkey with cranberry dressing.


Beverage Ideas

Keeping with the all-white theme, why not gab a great selection of local and international white wines and sparkling – your dry cleaner will thank you later.  



Just dying to show off all those romantic happy snaps? Pop together a photo gallery set to music and entertain your guests with your cutest moments – and hey, a few embarrassing ones too just for fun.



Top Engagement Party Ideas


Engagement Party Idea 3: The Greatest Show on Earth!

Escape the wedding planning circus and become the ringleader of your very own circus themed party instead! Stun your guests and arrive by helicopter to a glamorous location. Roll up, roll up – but don’t roll down the stairs later.


Styling and Theme

While hiring an elephant might be a little out of your budget that doesn’t mean you can’t make your party come alive with the circus feeling. Recreate the big top feeling with lots of reds accents and some fun lighting with lots of glitter to match!



Give your party a whacky edge with circus inspired dress ups and costumes, like acrobats, jugglers and lion tamers. But be warned – clowns may be funny but drunk clowns are just kind of scary.


Food Menu Ideas

No trip to the circus is complete without your favourite finger food. Give your engagement party a fun edge by hiring your very own cotton candy maker or hot buttered popcorn machine for the day.


Beverage Menu Ideas

Put a grown up twist on your circus favorites with some crazy cocktail combinations and lots of icy cold champagne – remember you want to channel Cirque Du Soleil not Circus Oz.



While your partner might be really impressed with your epic juggling skills, take the pressure off yourself and hire some real circus professionals.



Engagement Parties Brisbane


Engagement Party Idea 4: A very beachy engagement party

Winter wonderland not your thing? Give your engagement party a tropical feel with your very own beach party (minus the sand). With just a bit of styling you could pretend to be relaxing in Port Macquarie, while partying in Brisbane!


Theme Styling

Fortunately setting a beachy theme is cinch when you live in tropical Queensland year round. Just grab some beach balls, your best beach brolly and a couple of towels and hey presto, you’re halfway to turning your engagement party into your very own piece of Byron Bay.



How do we put this delicately? Hawaiian shirts are A-Okay. Your favourite budgie smugglers are not. We’re looking at you Uncle Les.


Food Menu Ideas

No engagement beach party is complete without a genuine Aussie BBQ! But skip the snags and take it up a notch with rib fillet steaks, marinated prawns and tender lamb skewers.


Beverage Menu Ideas

Did somebody say icy cold beers? Oh look, twist our arm why don’t you.



While a traditional game of beach cricket might be out. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some classic beach side fun. Why not challenge your family and friends to a hula competition or some cutthroat limbo? You’d be surprised how limber your Nanna is even after her hip replacement.





Engagement Party Idea 5: The “way we were” party

Go back in time to 2010 when you first met and recreate the good old days with a unique party dedicated to that golden period where everything was still so new.


Theming & Styling

Make your function space truly strand out from the rest with a nod to your first date. Did you go to the movies? Design your invitations to look like movie tickets and create your very silver screen magic with a custom movie poster, “coming to an altar near you”.  Just make sure to keep it PG until the oldies leave.


Dress Ups/Attire

It was a time of bandage dresses, asymmetrical hemlines and the pinnacle of Lady Gaga’s wacky outfits – hello, meat dress – it’s time to dig deep into your wardrobe and unearth those cringe worthy clothes you wish you had left into past, because you know deep down you’re just dying to see your Uncle Darryl with a hair bow.


Food menu ideas

Can you remember what you ate on your first date? Find clever ways to incorporate your favourite food into the celebration with a menu that’s all about you. If there’s one way to get to someone’s heart, it’s through their stomach.


Beverage menu ideas

Need a bit of Dutch courage before your walk down the aisle? Why not really make your mark with a custom cocktail? Or add a little extra sparkle – you know other than the ring – with free flowing champagne all night long.



Still have your first ever playlist you made for each other? It’s time to dust of those iPod and get ready to rock with non stop hits from the year you met. From Katy Perry to Jay Z, take a turn down memory lane with a couple of guaranteed floor fillers – just be sure to get a video of your Aunty Linda busting a move to Eminem, you never know when you’re going to need it.


So don’t just settle for any old cocktail and canapé affair, make your Brisbane engagement party really stand out from the crowd with a custom celebration that’s all about you.


Engagement Party Idea 6: Go Glamping

Theming & Styling

Whether you take it inside or out, it’s all about unfinished wood, soft draped curtains and plenty of fur at this party. If you’ve got the space, open tipis piled with comfy cushions will create the perfect space to sit and sip warm mulled wine, while table settings featuring rustic wooden logs, plenty of greenery and mason jars will continue the look.

Dress Ups

No need to be too practical for this camping trip – high heeled leather boots and cute patterned ponchos are definitely allowed! Think Country Road with just a dash of Burning Man, and tassels, tassels everywhere.

Food, Beverages & Catering

Forget canned food and mystery stew – the g in glamping doesn’t just stand for glamorous, it stands for gourmet. Turn the wood-fired BBQ menu up a notch with mini sliders, skewers, and slow cooked meats, all paired with fruity punch. After the main affair, your guests can hit the (rustically decorated, of course) dessert table, or roast marshmallows over a carefully tended fire.


Has all that partying got you and your guests looking like you’ve gone bush? Ensure everyone stays looking their glamorous best with a mani and pedi station, or bring in a stylist for mini makeovers!


Engagement Party Idea 7: Summer Party

Theming & Styling

Think bright, colourful and tropical for this summer shindig! Whether it’s the right season for your engagement party date or not, a summer party is the perfect way to spread a little sunshine, with loads of bright tropical flowers adorning your tables, colourful paper straws and cocktail jugs full of sangria and lemonade, and plenty of confetti to throw on the dance floor.

Dress Ups

No, we’re not going to suggest those hideous Hawaiian shirts Uncle Bevan wears – this summer party has a little more style. Tell the boys to hunt down some vintage Mambo to wear with tailored lined shorts and deck shoes, while the girls can float in wearing tropical sundresses and wide straw hats.

Food, Beverages & Catering

What else would be on the menu but seafood? Pile a table with ice, and stack on the fresh prawns, oysters and fresh salads. For dessert, you could go simple with bright macarons and summer fruits – or get a little extravagant and put on an ice cream sundae bar!


Summer weather is perfect for getting outdoors and playing games on the lawn – even if it’s winter, you’re inside and it’s astroturf. Arrange to have the likes of giant Jenga, Connect 4 and coits awaiting on a grassy area, and watch as your guests suddenly get wildly competitive!


Engagement Party Idea 8: Pink Party

Theming & Styling

The key for this theme is to not go overboard. Yes, you can get pink tablecloths, plates, straws, cups, bunting and more – but sometimes, less is more. Start with plenty of white and add in generous pink touches, with a splash of sparkling gold here and there to ensure your party is more glam, less Barbie dream house circa 1990.

Dress Ups

What else – everyone has to wear pink! Whether it’s a splash of pink or all pink, there’s no doubt you’re going to have some great photos – although we’re not sure that will be a good thing when you’re looking back on the flounced taffeta number your future mother-in-law wore.

Food, Beverage & Catering

Just us promise us one thing – don’t overdo it with the pink food colouring. For savoury, beetroot stained sushi donuts with pickled ginger are stunning to see and oh so trendy, while charcuterie, beetroot hummus and beetroot goats cheese tarts are both delicious and simple to make. For dessert and drinks, it’s all about the pink cupcakes, French martinis and plenty of rosé!


You could go with a dancefloor playlist dedicated to Pink and Pink Floyd – or you could do a throwback to the days when Debbie’s pink taffeta outfit was cool, the 90s, and get a DJ to rock those hits until the early hours!


Engagement Party Idea 9: ‘I DO’ BBQ

Theme & Styling

The ‘I Do BBQ’ is a popular engagement party option for the more relaxed, down to earth couple who like to keep things simple. Fire up the 6 burner and crack a couple of cold ones with your closest mates to celebrate your big news in classic Aussie style.

Dress Ups

For an ‘I do’ BBQ you want to keep things pretty casual but you also don’t want anyone wandering around in stubbies and a singlet at your engagement party. Find a nice balance by encouraging guys to wear tailored shorts and deck shoes. The ladies can rock nice comfy summer dresses and sandals.

Food Beverages & Catering

For your BBQ engagement Party, you will want to opt for the classic options, sausages, steaks, burgers, prawns and salads.  As with most BBQ’s you can ask your guests to bring a plate to keep the budget down. To make sure all bases are covered, keep a list of who’s bringing what. For drinks, a couple of slabs of beer and some nice white wine should do the trick. You might want to also invest in champagne for a toast.


No Aussie BBQ is complete without a game of Backyard cricket. An ‘I do BBQ’ is no different. If you don’t have space for a game of cricket you can always crack out the bocci.


Engagement Party Idea 10: A Roaring 20’s Speak Easy

Theme & Styling

If you’ve been dreaming of a Gatsby style speakeasy since you first read the book in high school, an engagement party is a perfect opportunity to make it happen. When it comes to styling just think of yourself as Nick Caraway wondering through one of Gatsby’s Parties for the first time. This will include champagne towers, swanky jazz tunes, and plenty of glitter and gold.

Dress Ups

Speakeasy fashion for women is all about fringed flapper dresses, feathers, stockings and boas. Gentlemens costumes should be dapper. Think vintage style waistcoats, high waisted pants, and a flat cap, fedora or a poke pie hat.

Food, Beverages, Catering

The best way to feed your guests at a 1920’s style speakeasy engagement party is by rotating a variety of hors-d’oeuvre throughout the evening. In The Great Gatsby, some of the hors-d’oeurves mentioned include baked ham which can be made elegant by adding maraschino cherries.  Alcohol may have been outlawed in 1920s America, but that wasn’t stopping anyone from drinking it. A proper speakeasy beverage list should include champagne as well as a variety ‘prohibition cocktails’ such as ‘Gin Rickey’ and ‘mint julep’.


If you’re going to host a speakeasy engagement party there is no point in doing it by halves. Add some 1920’s magic to your evening with a performance from a live Jazz band.


Engagement Party Idea 11: A Mexican Fiesta

Theme & Styling

In celebration of your love, invite your amigos to party like there is no manana with a Mexican style fiesta. The décor for an engagement fiesta should include colour, colour and more colour. Think bright reds, yellows, greens and blues. DIY colourful tissue paper flowers are easy and affordable to make and they can really bring the theme to life. Another fun idea is to use cacti instead of flowers for centrepieces.

Dress Up

For a Mexican fiesta, everyone should wear as much colour as possible. The women can wear flowers in their hair, the more exotic the better. The men might like to don a poncho or simply a colourful shirt. There is always the option to be silly with the theme by dressing as something iconic to Mexican culture such as a taco but be careful to avoid offensive stereotypes as this will only make people feel uncomfortable and ruin the mood.

Food, Beverage, Catering

You can’t have a fiesta without a Mexican feast. An easy option for catering is to create a taco and burrito station where guests are given the opportunity to choose their favourite fillings. Another option might be to hire a Mexican food truck to save you the stress and hassle of cooking yourself. For drinks, you might want to consider hiring a margarita machine. if you are on a budget, a couple of cartons of coronas should do the trick.


A great way to entertain your engagement party guests is with a piñata. Get creative by filling the piñata with fun party favours that adults will get a kick out of such as mini tequila bottles. You could also surprise your guests by hiring a mariachi band to perform. This will give your Mexican fiesta the ultimate authentic atmosphere.

Top Christmas Party Ideas 2017: Corporate Edition

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Top Christmas Party Ideas 2017: Corporate Edition

Christmas Party Style Guide 2017

Can’t you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Don’t worry you’re not suffering from tinnitus, it’s just the sound of your corporate Christmas party coming up fast. Don’t let the silly season sneak up on you this year, start planning your Christmas party with our special guide.

Office Christmas Party Ideas 2017

The shops have been stocking advent calendars since October and you’ve heard ‘all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ so many times you’re beginning to understand why someone knocked them out in the first place. Yes, Christmas is coming and with it comes the grizzly task of planning your end of year celebration. But if the thought of locking down another boring event has got you saying ‘humbug’ then let our friendly team help you find your Christmas cheer with our top Christmas party ideas.

Christmas Function Venue

Office Christmas Function Idea 1. Charity Ball

Elegant, timeless and a great opportunity to put a little something back into the community, spread some Christmas cheer to those who need it most with a black and white themed charity ball. Get into the spirit of Saint Nick and entertain your clients with a cocktail and canape soiree complete with silent charity auction, then donate all of the proceeds to a cause that’s close to your company’s heart. It’s the perfect way to take some of the silly out of the season and get back in touch with your inner philanthropist.

Christmas Function Venue

Office Christmas Function Idea 2. Team Planning Session and Surprise Party

The year may be winding down but that’s no reason for work to stop, right? Yeah, your employees aren’t going to like that line either, which is why springing a last-minute team planning session to strategize for the year ahead is going to go down like a lead balloon – until you reveal that it’s a surprise Christmas party complete with an open bar, food platters and live DJ. The look on their faces will be priceless…that’s if they don’t commit mutiny beforehand.

Christmas Function Venue

Office Christmas Function Idea 3. Christmas Roast

Got a soft spot for a family tradition? Then why not treat your very own urban family to a traditional Christmas roast with the works. Gather up the whole office and sit down to a decadent long lunch complete with matching wines and Christmas crackers. Swap your ho, ho, ho for ha, ha, ha as you bring in the silly season with friends.

Christmas Function Venue

Office Christmas Function Idea 4. Ping Pong Tournament

It’s the latest trend to hit the Christmas party circuit and we’re jumping on board! Yes, it’s time to give your end of year function some serious balls with a ping-pong tournament. Finally the feud between HR and IT can be settled once and for all without resorting to blows. But be warned, challenging your boss to a round after too many rounds? That’s a paddlin’.

Office Christmas Function Idea 5. After Work Drinks

Tight on time and even tighter on budget? Send the silly season off the easy way with a casual after work catch up at the bar with your favourite colleagues. Make it truly fun by

Top 5 Corporate Christmas Party Themes

Xmas Party Ideas 2017

Xmas Party Idea 1: Make it a masquerade:

Theming & Styling: Give your party a dark and mysterious feeling with lots of gold tones, dark corners and mood lighting, score some added style points with your very own romantic balcony overlooking the city – you saucy Santa Clause you.

Dress Ups/Attire: When it comes to masquerade balls, style is everything. So grab a disguise and get ready to hit the dance floor – but warning, even a mask won’t cover up Glenda from HR’s mad dance moves, you go girl.

Food menu ideas: You can’t have a fancy dress ball calls without some fancy food to match! Think freshly shucked oysters, individual black olive and goats cheese tartlets and miniature beef mignon – ooh la, la!

Beverage menu ideas: Speaking of fancy, no Christmas party is complete without a little bubbly. Get in the celebratory mood and toast to another successful year done and dusted with an endless supply of premium Australian sparkling wine.

Entertainment: Let’s face it, tor an upmarket affair like this, an iPod is just not going to cut it! Go hard or go home with a killer live band – bonus points if you can convince your boss to crowd surf over the IT team at least once.

Christmas Party Guide 2017

Xmas Party Idea 2: Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Who cares if it’s 35 degrees outside, nothing says “Christmas” quite like a winter wonderland!

Theming & Styling:
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow or at least make it look like it has. Turn up the air con, hire an ice sculpture and transform your function space into the ultimate snowy escape – just remember, licking an ice sculpture may seem like a great idea at the time, but some pranks aren’t worth the awkward trip to the emergency room, are we right Kevin?

Dress Ups:
Kooky Christmas sweaters, furry hats and cosy scarves are must if your going to pull off a proper white Christmas in the middle of summer. The humidity might be on the rise, but so will your chances of nabbing that promotion when your boss sees you in your snowman sweater complete with strategically placed carrot. Classic!

Food Menu Ideas:
Match your menu to the theme with a warming, seasonal buffet with spiced ham off the bone and roast turkey with cranberry dressing.

Beverage Ideas:
Wash it all down with a holiday inspired cocktail or a hearty selection of beers on tap, after all you can’t get into the Christmas spirit without a drink in your hand.

A traditional winter wonderland party calls for carolling, but how about giving this tradition a bit of an update with some office karaoke instead?

Christmas Party Venue Brisbane

Xmas Party Ideas 3: Christmas Circus

Escape the corporate circus and become the ringleader of your very own Christmas circus instead! Roll up, Roll up – just be careful not to doll down the stairs later.

Styling and Theme
While hiring an elephant might be a little out of your budget that doesn’t mean you can’t make your party come alive with the circus feeling. Recreate the big top feeling with lots of reds accents and some fun lighting.

Give your party a whacky edge with circus inspired dress ups and costumes, but be warned – clowns may be funny but drunk clowns are just downright scary.

Food Menu Ideas:
No trip to the circus is complete without your favourite finger food. Consider getting your very own cotton candy maker or hot buttered popcorn machine for the day.

Beverage Menu Ideas
Put a grown up twist on your circus favorites with some crazy cocktail combinations and lots of icy cold champagne – think more Cirque Du Soleil than Circus Oz.

While your kids may be really impressed with your ability to juggle oranges in the kitchen, give yourself the night off and hire some genuine street performers instead – no offence intended Larry, but throwing one orange in the air and catching it does not count as juggling.

Christmas Party Theme 2017

Xmas Party Idea 4: A very beachy Christmas.

Winter wonderland not your thing? Give your party a tropical edge with your very own beach party (minus the sand).

Theme Styling:
Fortunately setting a beachy theme is cinch when you live in tropical Queensland year round. Just grab some beach balls, your best beach brolly and a couple of towels and hey presto, you’re halfway to turning your function space into Port Macquarie.

How do we put this delicately? Hawaiian shirts are A-Okay. Your favourite budgie smugglers are not. We’re talking to you Terry, and you bloody well know it.

Food Menu Ideas
No Christmas beach party is complete without a genuine Aussie BBQ, but don’t just settle for snags, take it up a notch with rib fillet steaks, marinated prawns and tender lamb skewers.

Beverage Menu Ideas
Did somebody say icy cold beers? Oh look, twist our arm why don’t you.

While a traditional game of beach cricket might be out. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some classic beach side fun. Why not challenge your work mates to a hula competition or some cut throat limbo?

Christmas party ideas 2017

Xmas Party Idea 5: Christmas All Around The World

Why not celebrate your team’s diverse cultural backgrounds with a little Christmas around the world party?

Who said Christmas is all about the tree? Why not shake things up with some fun additions from all around the world? Do a little research on the background of your employees and incorporate their nationalities’ traditional holiday décor into the décor around the venue, while you’re at it, see if you can figure out the meaning of Kwanza, lord knows we’re still stumped.

Whether it’s a singlet and thongs or a bright and colorful sari, brighten up the atmosphere by encouraging your work mates to wear their traditional clothes to the party.

Food Menu Ideas
Whether it’s a spicy curry, Spanish tapas or crispy skinned peking duck pancakes, add some serious flavour to your party by setting up individual food stations from all around the world.

Beverage Menu Ideas
Keep the theme going with a selection of local and international beers, wine and spirits.

Get to know each other better by playing fun games like matching the crazy Christmas custom to the country and singing Christmas carols from all around the world.



Start Planning Your Xmas Party for 2017

Start planning your party at Brisbane’s best Christmas party venue. See our Xmas function packages now.

6 gift ideas for your office Christmas party

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6 gift ideas for your office Christmas party

So the jingle bells are ringing in your ears and work days with eggnog breaks are bearing down on the calendar. With practically every office since the start of time taking part in Secret Santa (and, let’s face it, the occasional please-promote-me gift to the boss), it’s time to think about your gift for the office Christmas party.

No matter whose name you draw from the hat, we’ve prepped a couple cost-friendly ideas that don’t involve a pack of pens or the ever-predictable Santa hat.

Top 6 Gifts for Your Office Christmas Party

Work Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Idea 1: The Bookkeeper

For the introverted, the creative, or the just plain sick of staring at numbers, give the gift of colour with a subscription to Sock It Up. There’s nothing like cheeky patterns and toes wrapped in cartoon bananas to brighten up those bookkeeping days!

Office Xmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Idea 2: The Receptionist

For the sweet face of office greetings, bizarre phone calls, and creepy delivery men, send your office receptionist something without a tax invoice tacked to the front. Cupcakes from My Plate Clean Treats don’t just come in tasty flavours like Nutella, peanut butter, and lemon & coconut – they’re also a guilt-free indulgence to negate those cheeky Christmas calories.

Christmas Gift Ideas Coffee

Christmas Gift Idea 3: The Manager

Whether they’re always on the go or always yelling at their phone, what’s the bet that your manager could use a coffee boost in their busy schedule? Earn some brownie points with a bag of Elixir Single Origin coffee, a Brisbane favourite guaranteed to tick the ‘gift I need’ box.

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Idea 4: The Boss

No one feels the rat race on Christmas quite like the head honcho of an office business, that’s for sure. Give them a reprieve (or at least the knowledge that January will be kinder) with a 10 class pass to Urban Bliss yoga.Office Xmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Idea 5: The Colleague

With the traditional seafood platter about to press the Christmas-time bank account for most, why not make it easier with a gift voucher from The Fishery? Set up with freshly-caught seafood and related shopping items to save the trip, this is one Christmas bonus that Santa can’t steal away.

christmas gift ideas

Christmas Gift Idea 6: Fruit Hamper

Spoil your loved ones with the gift of good taste. A classic fruit hamper, or even a tray of seasonal mangoes is a a brilliant christmas gift idea for 2017.



Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

Never mind doctors, astronauts, or Justin Bieber’s PR rep – let’s face it: the real miracle worker is the woman who washed your dirty laundry, bandaged your scraped knees, and saw you through your teenage years.

Mother’s Day lands on Sunday 14 May this year, and we’ve prepared a guaranteed way to secure your role as the favourite child. Dining at the Pineapple Hotel will earn Mum a well-earned complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival, chocolates, and entry into our hamper raffle!

Breakfast: 8am – 10:30am
Lunch: 11am – 4pm
Dinner: 5pm – 8pm

Lunch and dinner sittings will feature our a la carte restaurant menu, in addition to an entrée, main, and dessert special for the day. For early risers, Mum can start her day of leisure with our special Mother’s Day breakfast menu, featuring:

• Pancakes with berry compote and ice cream
• Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon or bacon
• Smashed avocado on toast with dukkah
• … and plenty more!

Bring the little ones for free face painting and our in-house playground!

View the breakfast menu here.

To book seats for your special Mother’s Day meal, call (07) 3393 1111.

5 Brilliant Corporate Party Ideas and Themes

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It’s that time of year again, when your team is feeling a bit out of touch and HR is threatening to show IT where they can stick that USB for good. But don’t despair, because we all know that there’s nothing like a creative corporate event to get the ideas flowing and the communication growing again. So, sit back, relax and tell Irene from accounts to put down the stapler because we’ve got six corporate party ideas for 2017 that you are going to love!


Corporate Party Idea 1: The Black & White Ball

Settling on corporate party themes isn’t always black and white, but at least you can take some of the stress out of the planning with a sleek black and white ball. By keeping your colour palette predominantly monochromatic then you are leaving plenty of room elsewhere to add pops of colour to your corporate event. Ideas include incorporating branded accents like logoed napkins, cups or nametags to stand out against the neutral background. For added effect try incorporating the theme into your live entertainment with a black-tie band.


Corporate Party Idea 2: Old Hollywood Dinner 

If it’s something with a bit of sparkle that you’re looking for then the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood provides the perfect building block for your corporate party theme. For a serious dose of style elevation make it an elegant two or three course sit down gala dinner complete with speeches and a live band. Encourage guests to dress up in their black tie finest and complete the effect with other creative corporate event ideas like VIP entrance, photo booth and cocktail lounge.


Corporate Party Idea 3: The Long Luncheon

Nailing down great corporate party ideas for 2017 doesn’t have to be lavish, it can be a simple as hosting a really great long lunch! Take the fuss out of your corporate catch up and get down to the business of pleasure with a hearty Friday long lunch. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues without all the pressure of a more formal networking event – and hey, who are we kidding, a great opportunity to knock off work a little bit earlier for a couple of cheeky beers.



Corporate Party Idea 4: The Wine Tasting

Looking for corporate party ideas with a little more taste? Host your very own private wine tasting! Take the opportunity to savor your next event and arrange for a long and lazy lunch or dinner complete with matching wines from a producer of your choice. Perfect for wine connoisseurs and wine lovers alike, this is one corporate party theme that is guaranteed to go down a treat!


Corporate Party Idea 5: The Auction

The perfect opportunity to flex your philanthropic muscles, a charity auction is not only a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause but it’s a corporate dinner idea that’s sure to go down a treat with your guests. Whether it’s tickets for a local sporting event, memorabilia, or some great artwork, it’s a great opportunity to give back to a good cause and get to know your team in a fun new atmosphere as well.


Idea 6: Game Day!

Got an office full of footy nuts? Or has the cricket sent your staff members loco? Not all corporate event ideas have to include wearing a suit and tie, why not gather up your team for a casual affair and catch some live sport on our big screen? It’s a more casual approach to the corporate party that’s guaranteed to get the whole office buzzing.

Feeling inspired? Click here to start your planning!

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21st birthday Party Ideas: 21 tips to help you celebrate

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21st Birthday Party Ideas: 21 tips to help you celebrate your 21st birthday

Your 21st birthday party is a special occasion. While you may want it to be classier than your 18th, this may be your last chance to party like a teenager before your next milestone birthday (the dreaded 30th) rolls around. To make your 21st birthday one to remember we have 21 tips to help you celebrate!


21 Balloons for your 21st birthday


1) Plan Your Birthday Party theme

You only turn 21 once, have fun with it! Set your 21st birthday party theme to something that’s all about you, whether you create the ultimate function club and all your friends dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name or something/someone from the year you were born to celebrate you and your big day!


2) Start Early: Birthday eve

One of our favourite 21st birthday party ideas: Take a practice run and host a pre-party on the eve of your 21st birthday! You’ve got all day to recover before you do it all over again for your actual 21st birthday party!


3) Hottest 21

Dedicate your 21st birthday party to the things you love! Have a “Hottest 21” countdown of your favourite 21 songs. You’ll be guaranteed to spend the night on the dancefloor showing your friends just how well you can move.


4) 21 Drinks

Now, we’re not recommending that you do this in the space of a few hours. Start your 21st birthday off with a champagne breakfast, make your way to some lunchtime mimosas and see if you can get through 21 drinks before midnight (or before passing out, whichever comes first).


21st Birthday Beverage ideas


5) Invitation Ideas

Make your 21st birthday invitations kooky enough that nobody will want to miss it. You can write a riddle that your friends will have to solve to figure out the party details or just get crafty and make them on the back of cut outs of your face.


6) Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of 21 tasks to complete before the night is up for you and your friends at your 21st birthday party. The tasks can be simple enough that they can be performed at the bar, the losers have to buy the winner a drink!


7) Decorate Your Function Space

Once you’ve finished searching for the top function room reviews, design your function space your own by hanging 21st birthday decorations everywhere. Create a photo timeline or slideshow, cover the place in balloons and lanterns to make the party truly your own.


21st Birthday Party Decoration ideas


8) Digital birthday cards

In lieu of birthday cards, organise a responsible person (i.e mum or dad) to go around the party videoing your friends wishing you a happy 21st birthday. The messages are bound to get funnier through the night.


9) Memory jar

Have an empty box, blank paper and pens set up somewhere at your 21st birthday party and instruct all of your friends to write down a funny or nice memory they have with you, you can read out them out later in the night for some laughs and “awws”.


10) Disposable cameras

Place disposable cameras around the party so that people can snap away throughout the night and document your 21st birthday party! This is bound to have funny results that, unlike a bad iPhone selfie or snapchat story, can’t be deleted.


11) Supplies

Don’t go in unprepared, make sure you stock up on 21st birthday supplies so that you’re ready for whatever the night throws at you. Tissues for those heart-warming speeches, a sick bag for the next morning and a pizza ready in the fridge for when you stumble home at the end of the night with the munchies.


12) For girls

For a truly girly girl’s 21st birthday, pamper yourself! Get your hair, makeup and nails done. Splurge on that dress you love so that you can look and feel like the party princess you are for the big night!


21st Birthday Party ideas


13) For guys

Guys can pamper themselves too, but if that’s not your idea of fun, you can have more of a “blokey” guy’s 21st birthday by doing whatever you fancy, whether it’s catching an afternoon game or sinking some pre-party beers with your mates.


14) Gifts

You’re probably going to get some pretty special gifts for your 21st birthday but if you’re worried you won’t get that special something you have your eye on, start dropping subtle hints to your friends and family leading up to the big day so that your 21st birthday presents won’t end up getting returned.


15) Games

A fun way to make your 21st birthday unique is to play some games that will not only show how much your friends all know and care about you but will also give you a walk down memory lane. Think up some games that will test your friends’ knowledge of how well they really know you.


16) Karaoke

Hire a karaoke machine and get ready to belt out all your favourite songs! Not only is karaoke lots of fun but you can totally embarrass your friends when it comes to their 21st birthday with the sneaky footage you took when it was their turn behind the mic.


17) Party X

Attach a go pro to your person or place it somewhere in the venue at your 21st birthday party or even just tell everyone to take lots of videos. You may not want to watch the footage the next day though, or ever.


18) Birth-weekend Bender

You only turn 21 once, you may as well milk it for all it’s got! Three nights of partying means triple the fun, right?


19) Get fancy

Demonstrate your maturity and organise classy canapés and cocktails at the venue for your 21st birthday party so that you can look the part of being a legal adult (even if you don’t quite feel like it yet).


20) Don’t get fancy

Totally disregard tip #19 and embrace your youth before it disappears forever! Turn those canapés into mini cheeseburgers and swap those cocktails for beers! It’s your 21st birthday party, you can act however you want!


Beer for your 21st Birthday Party


21) Venue

A killer party calls for the perfect 21st birthday venue: somewhere that will cater to your needs for your special night, is in the perfect spot for all your guests to access and has beautiful big function rooms to fit in all your guests with plenty of room for dancing, like the Pineapple Hotel!

So now you’ve got some ideas on how to make sure your 21st birthday party goes off without a hitch and you and all your guests will all have a blast! Book a function room for the big night at the Pineapple Hotel now and talk to them about your ideas, they’ll be happy to do whatever they can to make your night special and all about you!

Enquire Now: Host your 21st Birthday Party at the Pineapple Hotel


22) Bonus: Arrive By Helicopter

Take a scenic tour with your best friends and capture spectacular sights of the city, then amaze your guests and arrive at your 21st birthday party by helicopter!

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10 Ways to Announce You’re Engaged

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10 Ways to Announce You’re Engaged

So you’ve decided to make it official. Congratulations! What a tremendously exciting time of your lives. The only thing left to do is to decide how you’re going to shout it from the rooftops for the whole world to hear. However, we all know that in this day and age a phone call to mum and dad just isn’t going to cut it. So if you’re looking for a fun ways to announce your engagement, then look no further, because we’ve been crawling through Pinterest and have got 10 great ideas to make your engagement announcement officially awesome.

Engagement pets

Say it with pets

This isn’t just puppy love, this is the real deal. So when it comes to finding a unique and fun way to announce your engagement nothing quite compares to letting your favourite four legged friends do the talking. Whether it’s popping a cute, hand written sign around Fido’s neck or teaching your parrot to sing it out loud (and hope that he forgets the dirty words your little cousin Bobby taught him in the process), sometimes it’s perfectly ok to let your engagement announcement go to the dogs.

Letterpress engagement ideas


If you’ve been struggling with coming up with an idea for how to announce your engagement on social media, then maybe it’s time to ditch the modern route and go for a more classic approach. Take a tip from Little Peach Letterpress and impress your family and friends with a beautiful custom announcement card.

Letterpress engagement

You’ve decided to make your love official, so why should your engagement announcement be any different?

Engagement Announcement Sand

Draw it in the sand

Sometimes the most clever engagement announcement ideas are the simplest and nothing could be more simple (and hey, who are we kidding cheap is a bonus) than writing your announcement in the sand. Take a trip to a romantic beach that’s special to you, whack on a dreamy Instagram filter and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a social media savvy announcement without having to hurt your hip pocket.

Ways to Announce your engagement

Throw a cocktail party

If you’re going to celebrate something as important as your upcoming nuptials you may as well do it with a drink in your hand. So if you’re still ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about how to announce your engagement to your family and friends, why not throw an intimate cocktail party at The Pineapple Hotel? With a great range of functions spaces and packages to choose from, we’ll take care of the details so you can focus on the important things, like keeping crazy Aunty Rita away from your future in laws – oh god, she’s bringing out the photos from her latest holiday to Thailand, EVERYONE RUN! 

Skywriting Engagement

Write it in the sky 

Ok say maybe it’s a little bit extravagant but when it comes to fun ways to announce your engagement you just can’t beat some good old fashioned sky writing. But be warned, try to avoid any pet names or nick names, otherwise you might find yourself having to explain whether you really love Richard, or just his…never mind.

Ideas to announce Engagement

Scrabble Letters

Want to score some serious points with your word loving partner? There’s nothing quite like a romantic, candlelit engagement around a scrabble board. Take this rare opportunity to really spell out your love for the whole world to see and turn your next game of ‘words with friends’ into ‘words with fiancée.’ Talk about a triple letter worthy engagement announcement.

Love coffee mugs

A Hot Cup of Love

It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning – no, not your fiancée, we’re talking about coffee – so why not give your engagement announcement a serious caffeine boost thanks to some cute custom painted mugs. Cosy, kitsch and guaranteed to rack up some serious Instagram love, this is one engagement announcement idea with a double shot of fun!

Ways to Announce Engagement

Custom Balloons

Here’s one engagement announcement idea that’s sure to get you pumped up! Make a dramatic and whimsical statement with your very own custom balloons. Whether they’re some fun printed balloons with your photograph on them, or chic silver and gold inflatable letters, there’s no limit to the fun you can have with this creative approach to your engagement announcement.

Ways to announce your engagement


Warning, this engagement announcement idea is most definitely not for the faint hearted. But if you’re willing to take the plunge, getting a commemorative tattoo of your engagement is a sure fire way to get people talking. Want to get extra mileage out of this investment? Try booking your wedding for the same day as your engagement, that way you’re guaranteed to never forget your anniversary date.

Engagement Montage

Photo Montage

Ok so it’s a little bit cheesy, but with a ring as beautiful as yours, who wouldn’t want to show it off with a romantic photo montage? With so many great free apps available, it’s not only a fun way to announce your engagement, but it’s gentle on your hip pocket too! Besides, when else will you get the chance to show off that nonchalant “Oh this? This is just my fabulous engagement ring, no big deal” pose. Remember – in this day of social media, your ex is always watching.

However you plan on announcing your big day, let the team from the Pineapple Hotel get you to the church on time with a great range of functions packages suitable for every taste and budget.

Just click here to start your party planning now!


Top 10 Songs for Your Wedding & First Dance

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Top 10 Songs for Your Wedding & First Dance

Top 10 Songs For Your Wedding & First Dance

Whether your wedding plans are well under way or you’ve just begun to scheme (good job getting a jump on things!), organising your dream wedding is guaranteed to be a mammoth task consisting of hours of planning, organising, re-planning, and remembering things last minute.

While it may not be number one on your wedding to-do list (cake samples are hard to beat!), picking the song for your first dance early can make things a bunch easier down the line – especially when it comes to dance lessons, updating the DJ, and generally trying to cure those two left feet.

Grab your dance partner and check out our top 10 wedding songs, including a list of romantic tunes for your first dance as husband and wife.


  1. “Marry me” – Train


Together can never be close enough for me / To feel like I am close enough to you / You wear white and I’ll wear out the words, ‘I love you’

When it’s all in the name, it’s hard to beat. Sway to the soft acoustic notes in Train’s popular wedding hit.


  1. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars

When I see your face / There’s not a thing that I would change / Cause you’re amazing / Just the way you are.

Bruno Mars’ first hit is a common pick for modern weddings. Don’t be surprised if guests take a moment to sniff into a tissue.


  1. “Can’t help falling in love” – Elvis Presley

Wise men say / Only fools rush in / But I can’t help falling in love with you

The sultry tones of Elvis Presley don’t get much more romantic than during this soulful song. A classic, intimate tune for couples who love a throwback.


  1. “You’re my best friend” – Queen

You’re my sunshine and I want you to know / That my feelings are true / I really love you / Oh you’re my best friend

Rock gods Queen take a softer, upbeat approach in this 1976 number. Good for couples who want to throw a few quick dance moves into the mix.


  1. Thinking out loud” – Ed Sheeran

And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways / Maybe just the touch of a hand / Oh me I fall in love with you every single day / And I just wanna tell you I am

Currently ruling the roost of romantic modern-day artists, Ed Sheeran’s single reached triple platinum for a reason. Not too quick and not too slow, this is the perfect number for couples who dread ‘the sway’ but don’t want to get too fancy.


Make You Feel My Love – Adele

When the evening shadows /And the stars appear /And there is no one there /To dry your tears/ I could hold you/ For a million years/ To make you feel my love

Although most are familiar with Adele as the go-to artist when you’re sobbing into a two litre tub of ice cream, the heartfelt lyrics and passionate vocals of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ will wash away any thoughts of dairy-based comfort as you twirl with your new boo.


The Way You Look Tonight – Tony Bennett

Someday, when I’m awfully low/ When the world is cold/ I will feel a glow just thinking of you / And the way you look tonight

The deep tones of Tony Bennett singing the Frank Sinatra classic will add a little touch of 1940s jazz to first dance, and a little dash of elegance – unless the bride trips over her dress.


All of Me – John Legend

‘Cause all of me / Loves all of you / Love your curves and all your edges / All your perfect imperfections

‘All of Me’, with the powerful voice of John Legend backed by upbeat piano, is a ballad describing the complete acceptance of your partner. Even when they don’t listen. Or leave their towel on the bathroom floor.


1 + 1 – Beyonce

Baby we ain’t nothing but love / And darling you got enough for the both of us / Make love to me when my days look low / Pull me in close and don’t let me go

Everyone knows that Queen B always delivers the goods – break up ballads, girl power anthems, dance tracks, and of course, the classic love song. The slow and steady tune will bring a tear to everyone’s eyes – even that hard uncle who never cries.


At Last – Etta James

At last my love has come along / My lonely days are over and life is like a song, oh yeah / At last the skies above are blue

As two souls become one, what better way to celebrate than with a soulful ballad? Etta James’s ‘At Last’ is filled with heartfelt vocals with simple tunes, making it easy to dance at the speed that’s right for you.


Wedding Planning

Now get those dancing shoes ready and start showing off those moves! Start planning your wedding at Brisbane’s best wedding venue

Top 5 ideas to make your office come alive with the holiday spirit

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Top 5 ideas to make your office come alive with the holiday spirit

Has planning your office Christmas party in Brisbane got you excited for the silly season? That’s ok – with Christmas coming up just around the corner, there’s never been a better excuse to inject a little holiday cheer into your office space. So without further ado, here’s our list of top 5 ways to make your office come alive with the holiday spirit.


Say it with trinkets


Bring a touch of yuletide cheer to the office by sprinkling your desk with some adorable Christmas miniatures. A Santa here, a plush reindeer there, there’s no limit to finding ways to brighten up your cubicle – but beware the office prankster, otherwise you might find your Santa with a few unwelcome appendages.


Hang up a little tinsel and a few rope lights


Angling for top prize in this year’s Christmas light comp? Make your office a whole light brighter with a colourful display of your own, but try to avoid going overboard, no one wants to call an ambulance for a holiday induced epileptic fit – sorry Kevin, we had no idea you were light sensitive.


Display gifts to be exchanged


Love your Secret Santa? Bring a little more excitement to your yearly gift exchange by setting up your very own office tree to display your gifts. It’s a sure fire way to make the office feel more festive.


Use Christmas-themed desktop wallpaper


This one is simple enough: find a set of Christmas wallpapers you like via the Internet and set them as the background pictures for your computer. It’s an easy way to brighten up your office without hurting your hip pocket.


Play some soft Christmas music


If we have to hear another rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” we might just descend into madness. Ditch the boring Christmas carols and go for something with a jazzier feel like Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra – Mariah Carey is so 1998.


Now that your office is fully alive with the holiday spirit, the only thing left to do is lock in an equally cheerful Christmas party venue.


Let our friendly team take the hassle out of party planning so you can spend more time dressing up the office – and can someone please call Kevin from accounts an ambulance, I think he’s about to swallow his tongue.


Click here for more information.