Office Christmas Party planning

Top tips for planning your office Christmas party!

Posted: 5 years ago

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about those office celebrations. No matter who winds up with the job of party planner extraordinaire, there are some things to consider to help make the event go off without a hitch. 

Check with the boss

Before you do anything, make sure to check in with the head honcho about your plans. Office parties can be notorious for stirring up trouble, so you want to make sure that decisions regarding alcohol, venue, budget, etc are all cleared by the boss first.

Plan ahead

While you’re thinking about booking a venue during the Christmas season, so is everyone else! Make sure you plan ahead and get your date and venue booked to beat the rush and avoid disappointment. Deciding early on whether you will be doing a luncheon or an evening event will help you narrow down venue choices. You can also create an office poll with a few possible dates to vote on, to ensure maximum attendance.

Down to the details

Once you have your date and venue booked, it’s time to actually plan out your event. Will there be a theme for the decor, menu, or cocktails? A dress code? A gift exchange? Entertainment of some sort? How will you handle transportation, especially if alcohol is being served? Are you planning a community giveback of any kind? Planning out every detail and anticipating things that could go wrong will help you make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Ask for help

While your event is likely to run more smoothly with one person handling the big details, there are plenty of smaller ones that can be doled out to other volunteers. Decorations, invitations, entertainment, or renting any equipment needed are all things that can be divvied up amongst others. Don’t be afraid to delegate, a large event needs lots of helping hands to make it a success.

Menu planning

Make sure that regardless of whether you are just serving hors d’oeuvres or have decided to go for a multi-course dinner menu, you have options available for any possible dietary restrictions. Nowadays, you can count on some vegans or vegetarians in the crowd, as well as dairy or gluten sensitivities. Be mindful of these needs when you are discussing options with your caterer or venues.

Stick with your itinerary

Keeping a schedule of events will help the party stay on track and also allow your helpers to keep the event moving forward with everyone on the same page. Make sure everyone is aware of when the meal will be served, the band or DJ or other entertainment will be starting, when Santa will be handing out gifts, or when the boss will be saying a few words. Sticking with an itinerary is the best way to help ensure your event runs smoothly.

Office parties can be fun and memorable events, and great for morale and bonding…assuming everything goes according to plan! Following these tips can help make sure you don’t miss anything when planning the perfect party. If you’re looking for just the right venue, with skilled and professional event staff ready to make your event totally fab, then contact us at the Pineapple Hotel to get your holiday booking now!