Theme your event

To Theme or not to Theme?

Posted: 5 years ago

There are lots of factors to consider when planning an event, but once you have settled on the who, what, where, and when, then it’s time to focus on the fun stuff! Depending on the type of event, you may be considering the idea of a theme. Themes can be a great way to make your event stand out, and be memorable for your guests, but there are some things to consider before jumping in with both feet.


While it may seem like a fun idea at the time, themes that are too trendy could wind up being something you regret when they quickly fall out of fashion. Ask yourself if you will still smile at the photos and memories in five years, or if you will just be wondering, “What was I thinking?!”. Trendy themes can also be so overdone, and that’s not what you want if you’re looking for your event to stand out. Choosing a more general theme such as a beach party, garden party, or even a winter wonderland, will stand the test of time and can be easily adapted to suit your own unique style.


An elaborate theme may be at the top of your wish list, but it’s important to consider the expense that may go along with it. Invitations, food, party favours, and specific decor can be more costly depending on your theme. On the other hand, sticking with a simpler theme that incorporates colour, like a black and white theme, or going with an ethnic theme such as French or Italian, allows for a more reasonable budget while still ensuring that your event stands out and is tailored to your tastes.


It’s important to take into account how your guests may be involved in your theme. If it requires their participation, such as costumes, then you have to consider that this may not be suitable for a large gathering, where it could be harder to enforce a specific dress code. However, if you are planning a smaller, more intimate event with close family and friends, then it will be much easier to get everyone on board with dressing up. A Great Gatsby theme for an engagement party, or a Pink and Blue theme for a gender reveal will have your guests busting out their best looks for your special event. If you are interested in a costumed event for a large gathering, then try to stick with a theme that can be relatively easy for your guests to go along with, such as the wild west, or the 1980’s.

Ultimately, every event will wind up having an underlying theme of some sort, even if it is as simple as the colour scheme. How big and how elaborate you go is entirely up to you. Themes can be a great way to express your own personality and put your unique stamp on the event, as well as engage your guests and make memories that last, but they don’t always have to be over the top to accomplish that. At the Pineapple Hotel, our skilled event staff understands that every celebration is as unique as the people throwing it, and we are happy to work with our clients to create an event that is tailored to suit your goals!