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Party games your guests will love!

Posted: 5 years ago

Everyone loves a great party, but what’s even better is hosting an event that your guests talk about for weeks afterwards! Wondering what you can do to make your event stand out? Believe it or not, good old fashioned party games can be just the thing to bring your guests together and get everyone involved in the festivities. While classics like Musical Chairs still stand up well, there are lots of other fun and engaging party games you can play, regardless of the type of function you are hosting.

The Sticker Game-

An easy game for all to play, and one that can be ongoing throughout the event. As your guests arrive, they are given stickers. The host can determine the number, size, and theme of these stickers, but each sheet should be unique so that individuals or teams can track their own stickers later. The object of the game is to get rid of all your stickers first by placing them on other guests. The trick is, they cannot catch you doing this! If they do, you must take your sticker back and they get to place one on you. However, finding stickers on yourself after the person has made a clean getaway means you’re “stuck” with it! At the end of the allotted time, teams or individuals count up their stickers on their opponents and whoever managed to stick the most, wins!

Sing Song Ping Pong-

Think Pitch Perfect with this newly popular party game. The host can determine what type of songs will be used, such as love songs or pop songs, or 80’s songs. One person starts by singing a song lyric, preferably sticking with the chorus since it’s the easiest, and the next person or team has to then sing a line from another song that uses one of the words sung by the previous person. For example, person/team one can start with “Woahhhh, we’re halfway there, woahhhh, livin’ on a prayer”, which person/team two can follow up with, “When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer, I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there.” Make sure you have a time limit between turns. If your guests aren’t exactly “pitch perfect”, but you’re still interested in a musical game, try Name That Tune, which can be customized in any number of ways for fun and frivolity, with prizes going out to the best teams.

Toilet Paper Games-

For a fun and easy activity at any event, just break out the toilet paper! Depending on the occasion, divide your guests into teams where one lucky teammate can be turned into a mummy, act as the model for a beautifully crafted toilet paper wedding gown, or even create a beautiful flower bouquet. If your guests aren’t particularly crafty, then see which team can build the tallest tower with their toilet paper!

Blindfolded Treasure-

Straight out of Survivor, this game puts your navigation skills to the test! Guests pair up and while one partner is blindfolded, the other must guide them through obstacles using only their words. It can be a simple course of lefts and rights around the room, or a more complicated course with some over, under and other stuff thrown in! Just be sure that your guests find some swag at the end of it all for their efforts!

Party games are a great way to get your guests out of their seats, mixing and mingling, and getting to know each other. Whatever you choose to help break the ice, our event specialists at The Pineapple Hotel are ready and waiting to help you plan the perfect function!