Table setting and decor ideas

New Year, new trends in party decor!

Posted: 5 years ago

January welcomes not just a new year, but also a new decade. As we said goodbye to 2019, we saw a shift in some popular party trends, with a new spin on some old tricks, along with some brand new decor ideas hitting the party scene for 2020. We have rounded up some of our faves for this year that can be worked into any event!


Speaking of a new spin on old tricks, streamers are making a big comeback this year in some pretty awesome ways! Streamer curtains are being used as backdrops for everything from head tables to photo booths. We are even seeing them being hung from chandeliers. They can add a great pop of colour as well as bringing some depth into your party decor.

Light Canopies-

Twinkle lights are always in style, but this year, party planners are taking it up a notch. Creating beautiful, whimsical light canopies is the newest way to use the strings, adding a touch of elegance and romance to the occasion. Strung over a head table for a wedding or engagement party is the perfect way to finish your look.

Grazing Tables-

A little less formal than the usual serving styles, but totally chic, grazing tables have become very popular for 2020. Fun and easy to set up, there are no hard and fast rules. Let your creativity flow, just make sure to include serving utensils and dishes, keep everything bite sized, and fill up any open spaces with seasonal flowers or decor. It’s also a good idea to keep your grazing table in the open so your guests can approach it from all sides.


If you’re planning an event, look for areas where you can reduce waste and make green choices. Choosing glassware and linens over disposable options is a good place to start. Dried grasses and flowers are also showing up as a sustainable decor option since they can be reused. They also fall in nicely with the popular “boho chic” look! Offer vegan and vegetarian options, and maybe even consider a way that you can donate leftover food to a local shelter. The grazing table is also a more eco-friendly method of food service!


Everything old is new again! From goodie bags to cakes, it’s all about the 90’s this year. Take a trip back in time to see what made the 90’s so popular, and put your own spin on it for your event. Think Dunkaroos, scrunchies, and N’Sync!

2020 will take a “less is more” approach to party planning, with a focus on staying eco-friendly. Nostalgia will also play a role, with creative new approaches on old ideas. Simple, chic looks for more formal affairs seem to be the trend for the year ahead. Regardless of what type of event you’re planning, our experts at the Pineapple Hotel can help every step of the way to create the perfect function for you and your guests!