Celebrate the birth of your little one with gender reveal parties

Oh Baby! Gender Reveal Parties

Posted: 5 years ago

Perhaps one of the newest trends in celebratory events today is the Gender Reveal party. Nowadays, it’s common for couples to find out the gender of their little bundle of joy long before their actual arrival. The fun is in the reveal, and families have come up with some pretty creative and unique ways to share the news. Here are some of our favourites!


While “traditional” may be a bit of a misnomer for something that is still relatively new, there is a tried and true method that many people prefer when it comes to a gender reveal. Of course, we are referring to the cake cutting. A trusted friend or family member is given the envelope from the doctor that contains the gender of the baby, and they create either a blue or pink cake that is then hidden away beneath the icing and decor. The expectant parents slice into the cake to reveal the colour, and the gender! This same method can be used with various foods or desserts…we have even seen a gender reveal lasagna!


Balloons can be used in a few ways for gender reveals. A box filled with helium balloons of pink or blue can be opened up & released. Neutral coloured balloons can be filled with pink or blue confetti & guests can pop them all together. We have even seen balloons pinned onto a white board, as the “pregnant belly”, while guests throw darts to pop them. All but one of the balloons are filled with white paint, and one balloon is filled with blue or pink paint. Guests or the parents-to-be continue to throw darts until the gender is revealed.


A great idea for gender reveals, especially if you have little ones in attendance! Hang a pinata stuffed with pink or blue items, such as candy, and confetti. If the new arrival has expectant siblings, allow them to take all the whacks and have the honour of revealing their newest sibling’s gender. A gender reveal pinata can also be the centrepiece to a fun Mexican Fiesta theme.

Of course, gender reveal parties can include all kinds of creative additions besides the actual reveal. This can include guests voting Boy or Girl, with those guessing correctly winning a small prize. You can have a board set up and ask guests for name suggestions, one for each gender. As part of the reveal, the expectant parents can then read out the applicable list. You can serve pink and blue food and beverages, a photo booth with pink bows and blue mustaches, and hand out pink or blue favours at the end of the party. The possibilities, and the fun, are endless!

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