Ring in the New Year with fabulous cocktails

Fabulous cocktails to ring in the New Year!

Posted: 4 years ago

Tis the season for fabulous eats and fresh summer cocktails! What better way to celebrate the “holla” days than with some festive cocktails, shared with family and friends. If you’re looking for some new beverages to try at home our cocktail geniuses have put together their favourite combinations  for you and…. of course if that all sounds too hard, just bring your crew to The Piney and we’ll be sure to keep you all cool and hydrated over Summer!

Yule Mule-

Best served in a copper mug, this is the perfect drink to toast the new year with. It says so right in the name! A standard Yule Mule consists of 30mls vodka topped up with ginger beer, a splash of cranberry juice, and a dash of lime juice. This cocktail is both sweet and tart, but mostly it’s refreshing! Make sure you have lots of ice on hand, and if you want to switch it up, try pomegranate juice instead of cranberry juice. For an added touch, try a star anise garnish!

New Year’s Sparkler-

Bring on the bubbly with this fruity, fizzy, champagne cocktail! Served up in a chilled flute, this lovely, lightly flavoured drink is made with 30mls Berry Flavoured vodka, 45mls of pomegranate juice, and 100mls of your favourite bubbly! Garnished with raspberries on a skewer, this cocktail almost looks too good to drink…almost!

Turquoise Sip-

New Year’s Eve is all about pouring the champagne, but this cocktail adds a summer spin with a dash of Blue Curacao to give it a tropical look! Rim a champagne glass with sugar, then add in 30mls of chilled pineapple juice, 15mls of Blue Curacao, and top it off with chilled champagne or sparkling wine.

Holiday Gin-

So much better than regular gin, this Holiday Gin cocktail makes a great “sipper” to carry you through the night. What gives it the holiday kick? The 15mls of peppermint schnapps of course! Mix your schnapps with 60mls of gin, and 30mls of Chambord, pour into a highball glass over ice, and top with Lemonade. Voila, Holiday Gin!

Tipsy Spritzer Shots-

Bubbly and sweet, with just a dash of tart, this recipe will make enough shots to share with all your best mates to toast the new year! You’ll need ¾ cup chilled lemon lime soda of your choice, a cup of orange juice chilled, 45mls of vodka, 90mls of maraschino cherry juice, and 30mls of lemon juice. Garnish with lemon slices, and for a finishing touch, rim the shot glasses with honey and decorative sugar crystals.

New Year’s Eve is all about new beginnings, and can be the perfect time to get creative and try some fabulous new cocktails. The Pineapple Hotel Bottleshop is stocked with everything you need to entertain your guests this party season and we can even deliver via the Bottlemart App. #partytime