Superbowl LI

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Superbowl LI

Football fever? Yeah, we think we know a thing or two about it, being the best live sport bar in Brisbane you pick up a few feelings along the way. So, when we discovered that there was a whole new reason to get excited for football in the middle of summer, we leapt at the chance – even after we found out it was American. With February poking its head just around the corner the Super Bowl is set to make its comeback, so the time has come to forget old grudges and get into the spirit of great football, cheap beers and early morning specials with the Pineapple Hotel. Still need a little help getting convinced? Here’s our top 4 reasons why you should say ‘G’day’ to the USA way.


That sweet, sweet time difference:


It might be called Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, but down-under where we abide by the rules of EST, things kick off bright and early on a Monday morning. Which means one thing, and one thing only; judgement-free breakfast beers. But don’t just settle for any old Brisbane pub, with ice-cold Heineken schooners and a super special 9am opening, we’ve got everything you need to turn your regular Monday morning into a super one.


The commercials:


They’re big, they’re expensive and they pull almost as many viewers as the game itself, we’re talking about the legendary Super Bowl commercials! From the epic to the just plain cringe worthy, these 30 second ads are in a league of their own, which makes Super Bowl possibly the one day a year when you don’t want to run to the loo during the ad break in case you miss anything.


The food:


The yanks may know a thing-or-two about buffalo wings, but we know better. Because the only real accompaniment to beers and live sport in Brisbane is a slap-up, top notch parmy from Park Bar and you know it! Nab one at half-time and fuel up for the most exciting part of the game, Lady Gaga.


The half-time show:


Speaking of going Gaga, how about those killer live performances? From Beyoncé to Coldplay and those guys in the shark suits, the Super Bowl half-time show has provided more viral news and entertainment than any other sporting event. Well except for maybe Angry Anderson riding in the batmobile circa 1991 – we’re still trying to forget that one.


So, don’t get stuck wondering where to go for Super Bowl LI, Gather up the whole office and prepare to bond over beers, big ads and the best that Brisbane has to offer – any excuse will do.


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