The Big Bash 2017

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The Big Bash 2017
The Big Bash is rolling back for another entertainment packed set of matches. Are you ready Brisbane? We sure are!
Before you hit the stands, hit up the Piney for all your essential pre game bites and brews.
As you might know, we’re blessed with the gift of the gab… The Gabba and being ridiculously close to it, that is.
Our beloved Big Bash deserves a big cocktail to celebrate, so please welcome The Big ASH! With activated charcoal, ratu rum, pineapple, lime juice and agave over crushed ice, you’ll be bowled over in the best way possible.
The Bash bats off on Wednesday December 20 at 6:40pm.
Don’t miss out – spots are limited!
Other Big Bash dates include: 
Wednesday 27th December
Friday 5th January
Wednesday 10th January
Saturday 27th January
Call (07) 3393 1111 or email to reserve your table.

Piney Grand Final Party this Long Weekend

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Two Grand Finals falling onto a long weekend? Yeah, we’re going to celebrate that. The Pineapple Hotel will be tackling one heck of an epic long weekend party, packed full of food, brews and Grand Final views.

The Piney will be kicking things off on September 30 for the AFL Grand Final. Starting nice and early at 11am, we’ll be serving a special AFL menu throughout the day, followed by drink specials and live entertainment!

The NFL Grand Final on October 1 will draw in a family friendly day, featuring a great kids menu before kick off at 6.30pm. Other offerings will include menu and drink specials spreading out over all areas of the Pineapple Hotel!

The third and final reason to celebrate this long weekend is Industry Day on October 2. The day rightfully celebrates hospitality and entertainment workers, encouraging all you legends to kick back and relax with some bevvies and good food – and that’s exactly what we’ll offer.

AFL Grand Final At The Pineapple Hotel

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AFL Corflute 2017-screen 2


From kick off to kick ons, the Pineapple Hotel will be hosting the ultimate FREE AFL Grand Final celebration on September 30.

The Piney will be up and raring to go with a special AFL menu from 11am, getting you all fuelled up for the game of the season. Once 2.30 hits, you’ll find yourself sitting and cheering with the best seats in Brisbane.

Whether your team pulls through or not, you’ll be stoked that you’re surrounded by mates, drinks specials and the best live entertainment after 6pm.

Brace yourself for Brisbane’s must-attend grand final party!

The Pineapple Hotel are currently taking bookings for the AFL Grand Final in the Plantation Room and in the back of the Steak House. To secure your spot, please contact Stacey on or 0499499549 to book a table.

Story Bridge Closed Sunday 27th August 2017

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Brisbane City 005


Please note that the Story Bridge will be closed from 4am – 11.30am this Sunday 27th August for the annual Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run event.


The 2017 Bridge to Brisbane Day Fun Run requires the use of public roads. This means changed traffic conditions and clearways must be enforced to ensure the safety of the events participants and friendly volunteers.

Event organisers have advised the public to please plan their journey of travel in Brisbane on Sunday 27 August ahead of this date. When planning your travel arrangements please ensure you leave plenty of time as traffic delays may occur.


The Story Bridge is expected to re-open at 11:30am, leaving plenty of time for people travelling to the Pineapple Hotel to watch the Mayweather v McGregor fight time to arrive.

Christmas Party Games

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Christmas Party Games

Hey, planning the perfect Christmas party can be tricky. Sometimes your guests are more naughty than nice (we’re looking at you, questionably handsy Santa), the egg nog takes more casualties than you’d intended, or the catering’s a flop, and you all spend the evening crowded around some decidedly un-festive hummus.

Here’s the good news: no matter how the rest turns out, you can turn a Christmas party into the season to be jolly with a good holiday game.

Christmas Party Game 1: Ornament Guess  

Ho-ho-how many do you think? Round your guests up for an ice-breaker game. Everyone guesses how many ornaments they think are on the tree (no long-winded counting sessions, guys), and puts their guess on a piece of paper. Once the arrival cocktails are done with, the winner is announced and the gift-giving begins with a prize. Take that, Secret Santa

Christmas Party Game 2: White Elephant

If you think Secret Santa’s been so done to death that even Rudolph wouldn’t fly him, it’s time to switch things up. For White Elephant, everyone brings in a gift (with a price limit to keep things even), and guests pick things out of a communal pile.

Now, keep your eye on Gus from Trade Services, ‘cause this is where things get serious. Every guest takes their turn, either picking a gift off the table, or stealing a previous gift someone has already unwrapped. Once someone has stolen your gift, you can pick a new one off the table or steal an existing gift. The game ends once all the gifts on the table have been taken (and everyone’s seriously craving a post-game whisky).

Christmas Party Game 3: Candy Cane Relay 

Forget the sweet-talk under the mistletoe: here’s the real party treat. Challenge guests to take as many candy canes out of a bowl as you can in 60 seconds. The catch? You have to use a candy cane in your mouth to fish them out. Whether you’re celebrating with coworkers or kids at the family festivities, this is sure to be a hit.


Christmas Party Game 4: Holiday ABC

Annnnnd break! Split into teams and let’s get quizzical. With the alphabet written vertically down pieces of paper, challenge everyone to write a holiday word starting with each letter. First team to finish wins!

Christmas Party Game 5: Message under a plate

Planning a Christmas feast? Surprise your dinner party guests with messages under their plates. On hidden slips of paper, write strange phrases each guest needs to casually fit into the conversation without being caught. If you accuse someone of using their phrase, and you’re wrong, you’re out of the game.

Get ready for some really weird conversations about purple monkey dishwashers.

Battle of Brisbane!

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Battle of Brisbane!

Ding ding ding! Time to enter the ring.

Round one: The beer of your choice, crisp and on tap.

Round two: A bucket of piping hot Szechaun chicken wings.

The final round: Our famous chicken parmy, served with a generous side of chips and coleslaw.

Don’t fight to find a meal or a seat this Sunday 2 July. As Aussie Jeff Horn takes on the legendary Manny Pacquiao at Suncorp Stadium, you’ll want a seat with everything you need: brews, banter, and big pub plates.

If you didn’t nab tickets to the stadium, catch the match for the World Welterweight Championship live at the Pineapple Hotel.

It’s one for the Brisbane history books, so spend it in the city’s favourite sporting bar!

Call (07) 3393 1111 to book a table at our Steakhouse Restaurant before the fight.

State of Origin

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State of Origin

Hey, when you’ve spent the last year celebrating Gallan’s retirement, it’s easy to lose track of time.

State of Origin has crept up again, and whether you’ve been watching JT’s shoulder with a nervous sweat or stocking up on all the maroon gear in the city, you might’ve forgotten to make plans for the big day.

Our boys in red and blue are about to clash once again, and you won’t miss a scrum second at the Piney!

Grab the boys (and stop them poaching your beer) for three nights of Queenslander cheers, cold brews all night long, and the best caliber footy in the world.

Game 1 | Wednesday 31 May | Suncorp Stadium

Game 2 | Wednesday 21 June | ANZ Stadium

Game 3 | Wednesday 12 July | Suncorp Stadium

We’ll get the ball rolling with $10 parmies all night long! Rock up in your jerseys, grab a brew, and spend the night supporting your side (and we’re not just talking about the wings). Bring the little ones along for a pre-game dinner – kids eat free all night at the Pineapple Hotel restaurant!

Dodge the crowds flocking to Suncorp and spend Game 1 and 3 with a live showing on our big screen!

Call (07) 3393 1111 to book a seating at the Pineapple Hotel restaurant before kickoff.

Heads up: another season of AFL is heading downfield!

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Heads up: another season of AFL is heading downfield!

As the Brisbane Lions gear up for their first game, it’s time to get those roars in order – and there’s no better place to find your voice than the Pineapple Hotel. Sitting just 5 minutes walk from the Gabba, the Piney is the perfect spot to prey on pre- and post-game beers, pub bites, and restaurant meals. Walk over to the Park Bar for parmies, wings and burgers with the boys, or book a family dinner at the restaurant for steaks, fresh seafood, and tasty meals for the kids. The Lions’ first home game takes place on Saturday 1 April, so head to the Pineapple Hotel early for a bite to eat and free face painting for the kids! Don’t let those roars die off for the away games, either! We broadcast every game live and loud on our big screen – and the kids will love our on-site playground and the footy field next door. Not an AFL buff? We also stream NRL and Rugby Union games live on the big screen!


Kids eat free every Friday – perfect for dinner before a Friday game! We also host free face painting every Saturday and Sunday!

Superbowl LI

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Superbowl LI

Football fever? Yeah, we think we know a thing or two about it, being the best live sport bar in Brisbane you pick up a few feelings along the way. So, when we discovered that there was a whole new reason to get excited for football in the middle of summer, we leapt at the chance – even after we found out it was American. With February poking its head just around the corner the Super Bowl is set to make its comeback, so the time has come to forget old grudges and get into the spirit of great football, cheap beers and early morning specials with the Pineapple Hotel. Still need a little help getting convinced? Here’s our top 4 reasons why you should say ‘G’day’ to the USA way.


That sweet, sweet time difference:


It might be called Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, but down-under where we abide by the rules of EST, things kick off bright and early on a Monday morning. Which means one thing, and one thing only; judgement-free breakfast beers. But don’t just settle for any old Brisbane pub, with ice-cold Heineken schooners and a super special 9am opening, we’ve got everything you need to turn your regular Monday morning into a super one.


The commercials:


They’re big, they’re expensive and they pull almost as many viewers as the game itself, we’re talking about the legendary Super Bowl commercials! From the epic to the just plain cringe worthy, these 30 second ads are in a league of their own, which makes Super Bowl possibly the one day a year when you don’t want to run to the loo during the ad break in case you miss anything.


The food:


The yanks may know a thing-or-two about buffalo wings, but we know better. Because the only real accompaniment to beers and live sport in Brisbane is a slap-up, top notch parmy from Park Bar and you know it! Nab one at half-time and fuel up for the most exciting part of the game, Lady Gaga.


The half-time show:


Speaking of going Gaga, how about those killer live performances? From Beyoncé to Coldplay and those guys in the shark suits, the Super Bowl half-time show has provided more viral news and entertainment than any other sporting event. Well except for maybe Angry Anderson riding in the batmobile circa 1991 – we’re still trying to forget that one.


So, don’t get stuck wondering where to go for Super Bowl LI, Gather up the whole office and prepare to bond over beers, big ads and the best that Brisbane has to offer – any excuse will do.


Book: (07) 3393 1111

Australia Day 2017: Brisbane’s Best Australia Day Event

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Australia Day 2017: Brisbane’s Best Australia Day Event

Australia Day 2017

Australia Day 2017 is on its way and that just means one thing, it’s time to dust off those thongs, nab yourself a slab and get ready to celebrate living year round in the best dang country in the whole wide world.

Australia Day 2017: What’s On
– Pineapple Thowing Contest
– Triple J’s Hottest 100
– Live music & entertainment
– Cold beverages
– Restaurant bookings available

Australia Day 2017: Restaurant Bookings

If you would like to reserve a table for Australia Day 2017, please call our restaurant Ph.  (07) 3393 1111



Australia Day 2017: The Pineapple Hotel

So when it comes to Australia Day in Brisbane there’s only one way to do it right, and that’s with a cracking day out at the Pineapple Hotel.

So whether you’re true blue, born and bred or just an Aussie at heart (we’re looking at you Kiwis) let our friendly team take care of your January 26th with a day of fun and festivity guaranteed to bring a patriotic tear to your eye.


Make it count on Australia Day with Brisbane’s best tunes:

Summer just isn’t summer without a cracking soundtrack to accompany it, which is why this Australia Day, Brisbane’s best selection of tunes is with us! Hang out downstairs in the Park Bar and catch some of the best local acts light up the stage for a cracking afternoon of live music and ice-cold beers with your mates. Or keep the flames of tradition burning with our Triple J hottest 100 party and countdown to the year’s #1 party anthem (who are we kidding, just give Flume the bloody title and call it a day already).


The Australia Day 2017 Pineapple Throwing Competition

12 grueling months of cross-fit gains has led to this moment, so it’s time to flex your muscles and get ready for glory with our official Australia Day pineapple throwing competition. Earn the respect (and envy) off all your mates, and land yourself some serious cash with Brisbane’s most prestigious competition of strength, grace and beauty – try and keep a straight face.

Whatever your style, grab yourself an ice-cold round of beers, get in touch with your inner patriot simply no place and celebrate Australia Day 2017 with a true blue day out at the Pineapple Hotel.