Ashes at the Gabba

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Ashes at the Gabba

Battle of Brisbane!

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Battle of Brisbane!

Ding ding ding! Time to enter the ring.

Round one: The beer of your choice, crisp and on tap.

Round two: A bucket of piping hot Szechaun chicken wings.

The final round: Our famous chicken parmy, served with a generous side of chips and coleslaw.

Don’t fight to find a meal or a seat this Sunday 2 July. As Aussie Jeff Horn takes on the legendary Manny Pacquiao at Suncorp Stadium, you’ll want a seat with everything you need: brews, banter, and big pub plates.

If you didn’t nab tickets to the stadium, catch the match for the World Welterweight Championship live at the Pineapple Hotel.

It’s one for the Brisbane history books, so spend it in the city’s favourite sporting bar!

Call (07) 3393 1111 to book a table at our Steakhouse Restaurant before the fight.

State of Origin

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State of Origin

Hey, when you’ve spent the last year celebrating Gallan’s retirement, it’s easy to lose track of time.

State of Origin has crept up again, and whether you’ve been watching JT’s shoulder with a nervous sweat or stocking up on all the maroon gear in the city, you might’ve forgotten to make plans for the big day.

Our boys in red and blue are about to clash once again, and you won’t miss a scrum second at the Piney!

Grab the boys (and stop them poaching your beer) for three nights of Queenslander cheers, cold brews all night long, and the best caliber footy in the world.

Game 1 | Wednesday 31 May | Suncorp Stadium

Game 2 | Wednesday 21 June | ANZ Stadium

Game 3 | Wednesday 12 July | Suncorp Stadium

We’ll get the ball rolling with $10 parmies all night long! Rock up in your jerseys, grab a brew, and spend the night supporting your side (and we’re not just talking about the wings). Bring the little ones along for a pre-game dinner – kids eat free all night at the Pineapple Hotel restaurant!

Dodge the crowds flocking to Suncorp and spend Game 1 and 3 with a live showing on our big screen!

Call (07) 3393 1111 to book a seating at the Pineapple Hotel restaurant before kickoff.

6 gift ideas for your office Christmas party

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6 gift ideas for your office Christmas party

So the jingle bells are ringing in your ears and work days with eggnog breaks are bearing down on the calendar. With practically every office since the start of time taking part in Secret Santa (and, let’s face it, the occasional please-promote-me gift to the boss), it’s time to think about your gift for the office Christmas party.

No matter whose name you draw from the hat, we’ve prepped a couple cost-friendly ideas that don’t involve a pack of pens or the ever-predictable Santa hat.

Top 6 Gifts for Your Office Christmas Party

Work Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Idea 1: The Bookkeeper

For the introverted, the creative, or the just plain sick of staring at numbers, give the gift of colour with a subscription to Sock It Up. There’s nothing like cheeky patterns and toes wrapped in cartoon bananas to brighten up those bookkeeping days!

Office Xmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Idea 2: The Receptionist

For the sweet face of office greetings, bizarre phone calls, and creepy delivery men, send your office receptionist something without a tax invoice tacked to the front. Cupcakes from My Plate Clean Treats don’t just come in tasty flavours like Nutella, peanut butter, and lemon & coconut – they’re also a guilt-free indulgence to negate those cheeky Christmas calories.

Christmas Gift Ideas Coffee

Christmas Gift Idea 3: The Manager

Whether they’re always on the go or always yelling at their phone, what’s the bet that your manager could use a coffee boost in their busy schedule? Earn some brownie points with a bag of Elixir Single Origin coffee, a Brisbane favourite guaranteed to tick the ‘gift I need’ box.

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Idea 4: The Boss

No one feels the rat race on Christmas quite like the head honcho of an office business, that’s for sure. Give them a reprieve (or at least the knowledge that January will be kinder) with a 10 class pass to Urban Bliss yoga.Office Xmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Idea 5: The Colleague

With the traditional seafood platter about to press the Christmas-time bank account for most, why not make it easier with a gift voucher from The Fishery? Set up with freshly-caught seafood and related shopping items to save the trip, this is one Christmas bonus that Santa can’t steal away.

christmas gift ideas

Christmas Gift Idea 6: Fruit Hamper

Spoil your loved ones with the gift of good taste. A classic fruit hamper, or even a tray of seasonal mangoes is a a brilliant christmas gift idea for 2017.



Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

Never mind doctors, astronauts, or Justin Bieber’s PR rep – let’s face it: the real miracle worker is the woman who washed your dirty laundry, bandaged your scraped knees, and saw you through your teenage years.

Mother’s Day lands on Sunday 14 May this year, and we’ve prepared a guaranteed way to secure your role as the favourite child. Dining at the Pineapple Hotel will earn Mum a well-earned complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival, chocolates, and entry into our hamper raffle!

Breakfast: 8am – 10:30am
Lunch: 11am – 4pm
Dinner: 5pm – 8pm

Lunch and dinner sittings will feature our a la carte restaurant menu, in addition to an entrée, main, and dessert special for the day. For early risers, Mum can start her day of leisure with our special Mother’s Day breakfast menu, featuring:

• Pancakes with berry compote and ice cream
• Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon or bacon
• Smashed avocado on toast with dukkah
• … and plenty more!

Bring the little ones for free face painting and our in-house playground!

View the breakfast menu here.

To book seats for your special Mother’s Day meal, call (07) 3393 1111.

Heads up: another season of AFL is heading downfield!

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Heads up: another season of AFL is heading downfield!

As the Brisbane Lions gear up for their first game, it’s time to get those roars in order – and there’s no better place to find your voice than the Pineapple Hotel. Sitting just 5 minutes walk from the Gabba, the Piney is the perfect spot to prey on pre- and post-game beers, pub bites, and restaurant meals. Walk over to the Park Bar for parmies, wings and burgers with the boys, or book a family dinner at the restaurant for steaks, fresh seafood, and tasty meals for the kids. The Lions’ first home game takes place on Saturday 1 April, so head to the Pineapple Hotel early for a bite to eat and free face painting for the kids! Don’t let those roars die off for the away games, either! We broadcast every game live and loud on our big screen – and the kids will love our on-site playground and the footy field next door. Not an AFL buff? We also stream NRL and Rugby Union games live on the big screen!


Kids eat free every Friday – perfect for dinner before a Friday game! We also host free face painting every Saturday and Sunday!

5 Brilliant Corporate Party Ideas and Themes

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It’s that time of year again, when your team is feeling a bit out of touch and HR is threatening to show IT where they can stick that USB for good. But don’t despair, because we all know that there’s nothing like a creative corporate event to get the ideas flowing and the communication growing again. So, sit back, relax and tell Irene from accounts to put down the stapler because we’ve got six corporate party ideas for 2017 that you are going to love!


Corporate Party Idea 1: The Black & White Ball

Settling on corporate party themes isn’t always black and white, but at least you can take some of the stress out of the planning with a sleek black and white ball. By keeping your colour palette predominantly monochromatic then you are leaving plenty of room elsewhere to add pops of colour to your corporate event. Ideas include incorporating branded accents like logoed napkins, cups or nametags to stand out against the neutral background. For added effect try incorporating the theme into your live entertainment with a black-tie band.


Corporate Party Idea 2: Old Hollywood Dinner 

If it’s something with a bit of sparkle that you’re looking for then the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood provides the perfect building block for your corporate party theme. For a serious dose of style elevation make it an elegant two or three course sit down gala dinner complete with speeches and a live band. Encourage guests to dress up in their black tie finest and complete the effect with other creative corporate event ideas like VIP entrance, photo booth and cocktail lounge.


Corporate Party Idea 3: The Long Luncheon

Nailing down great corporate party ideas for 2017 doesn’t have to be lavish, it can be a simple as hosting a really great long lunch! Take the fuss out of your corporate catch up and get down to the business of pleasure with a hearty Friday long lunch. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues without all the pressure of a more formal networking event – and hey, who are we kidding, a great opportunity to knock off work a little bit earlier for a couple of cheeky beers.



Corporate Party Idea 4: The Wine Tasting

Looking for corporate party ideas with a little more taste? Host your very own private wine tasting! Take the opportunity to savor your next event and arrange for a long and lazy lunch or dinner complete with matching wines from a producer of your choice. Perfect for wine connoisseurs and wine lovers alike, this is one corporate party theme that is guaranteed to go down a treat!


Corporate Party Idea 5: The Auction

The perfect opportunity to flex your philanthropic muscles, a charity auction is not only a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause but it’s a corporate dinner idea that’s sure to go down a treat with your guests. Whether it’s tickets for a local sporting event, memorabilia, or some great artwork, it’s a great opportunity to give back to a good cause and get to know your team in a fun new atmosphere as well.


Idea 6: Game Day!

Got an office full of footy nuts? Or has the cricket sent your staff members loco? Not all corporate event ideas have to include wearing a suit and tie, why not gather up your team for a casual affair and catch some live sport on our big screen? It’s a more casual approach to the corporate party that’s guaranteed to get the whole office buzzing.

Feeling inspired? Click here to start your planning!

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Superbowl LI

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Superbowl LI

Football fever? Yeah, we think we know a thing or two about it, being the best live sport bar in Brisbane you pick up a few feelings along the way. So, when we discovered that there was a whole new reason to get excited for football in the middle of summer, we leapt at the chance – even after we found out it was American. With February poking its head just around the corner the Super Bowl is set to make its comeback, so the time has come to forget old grudges and get into the spirit of great football, cheap beers and early morning specials with the Pineapple Hotel. Still need a little help getting convinced? Here’s our top 4 reasons why you should say ‘G’day’ to the USA way.


That sweet, sweet time difference:


It might be called Super Bowl Sunday in the USA, but down-under where we abide by the rules of EST, things kick off bright and early on a Monday morning. Which means one thing, and one thing only; judgement-free breakfast beers. But don’t just settle for any old Brisbane pub, with ice-cold Heineken schooners and a super special 9am opening, we’ve got everything you need to turn your regular Monday morning into a super one.


The commercials:


They’re big, they’re expensive and they pull almost as many viewers as the game itself, we’re talking about the legendary Super Bowl commercials! From the epic to the just plain cringe worthy, these 30 second ads are in a league of their own, which makes Super Bowl possibly the one day a year when you don’t want to run to the loo during the ad break in case you miss anything.


The food:


The yanks may know a thing-or-two about buffalo wings, but we know better. Because the only real accompaniment to beers and live sport in Brisbane is a slap-up, top notch parmy from Park Bar and you know it! Nab one at half-time and fuel up for the most exciting part of the game, Lady Gaga.


The half-time show:


Speaking of going Gaga, how about those killer live performances? From Beyoncé to Coldplay and those guys in the shark suits, the Super Bowl half-time show has provided more viral news and entertainment than any other sporting event. Well except for maybe Angry Anderson riding in the batmobile circa 1991 – we’re still trying to forget that one.


So, don’t get stuck wondering where to go for Super Bowl LI, Gather up the whole office and prepare to bond over beers, big ads and the best that Brisbane has to offer – any excuse will do.


Book: (07) 3393 1111

21st birthday Party Ideas: 21 tips to help you celebrate

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21st Birthday Party Ideas: 21 tips to help you celebrate your 21st birthday

Your 21st birthday party is a special occasion. While you may want it to be classier than your 18th, this may be your last chance to party like a teenager before your next milestone birthday (the dreaded 30th) rolls around. To make your 21st birthday one to remember we have 21 tips to help you celebrate!


21 Balloons for your 21st birthday


1) Plan Your Birthday Party theme

You only turn 21 once, have fun with it! Set your 21st birthday party theme to something that’s all about you, whether you create the ultimate function club and all your friends dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name or something/someone from the year you were born to celebrate you and your big day!


2) Start Early: Birthday eve

One of our favourite 21st birthday party ideas: Take a practice run and host a pre-party on the eve of your 21st birthday! You’ve got all day to recover before you do it all over again for your actual 21st birthday party!


3) Hottest 21

Dedicate your 21st birthday party to the things you love! Have a “Hottest 21” countdown of your favourite 21 songs. You’ll be guaranteed to spend the night on the dancefloor showing your friends just how well you can move.


4) 21 Drinks

Now, we’re not recommending that you do this in the space of a few hours. Start your 21st birthday off with a champagne breakfast, make your way to some lunchtime mimosas and see if you can get through 21 drinks before midnight (or before passing out, whichever comes first).


21st Birthday Beverage ideas


5) Invitation Ideas

Make your 21st birthday invitations kooky enough that nobody will want to miss it. You can write a riddle that your friends will have to solve to figure out the party details or just get crafty and make them on the back of cut outs of your face.


6) Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of 21 tasks to complete before the night is up for you and your friends at your 21st birthday party. The tasks can be simple enough that they can be performed at the bar, the losers have to buy the winner a drink!


7) Decorate Your Function Space

Once you’ve finished searching for the top function room reviews, design your function space your own by hanging 21st birthday decorations everywhere. Create a photo timeline or slideshow, cover the place in balloons and lanterns to make the party truly your own.


21st Birthday Party Decoration ideas


8) Digital birthday cards

In lieu of birthday cards, organise a responsible person (i.e mum or dad) to go around the party videoing your friends wishing you a happy 21st birthday. The messages are bound to get funnier through the night.


9) Memory jar

Have an empty box, blank paper and pens set up somewhere at your 21st birthday party and instruct all of your friends to write down a funny or nice memory they have with you, you can read out them out later in the night for some laughs and “awws”.


10) Disposable cameras

Place disposable cameras around the party so that people can snap away throughout the night and document your 21st birthday party! This is bound to have funny results that, unlike a bad iPhone selfie or snapchat story, can’t be deleted.


11) Supplies

Don’t go in unprepared, make sure you stock up on 21st birthday supplies so that you’re ready for whatever the night throws at you. Tissues for those heart-warming speeches, a sick bag for the next morning and a pizza ready in the fridge for when you stumble home at the end of the night with the munchies.


12) For girls

For a truly girly girl’s 21st birthday, pamper yourself! Get your hair, makeup and nails done. Splurge on that dress you love so that you can look and feel like the party princess you are for the big night!


21st Birthday Party ideas


13) For guys

Guys can pamper themselves too, but if that’s not your idea of fun, you can have more of a “blokey” guy’s 21st birthday by doing whatever you fancy, whether it’s catching an afternoon game or sinking some pre-party beers with your mates.


14) Gifts

You’re probably going to get some pretty special gifts for your 21st birthday but if you’re worried you won’t get that special something you have your eye on, start dropping subtle hints to your friends and family leading up to the big day so that your 21st birthday presents won’t end up getting returned.


15) Games

A fun way to make your 21st birthday unique is to play some games that will not only show how much your friends all know and care about you but will also give you a walk down memory lane. Think up some games that will test your friends’ knowledge of how well they really know you.


16) Karaoke

Hire a karaoke machine and get ready to belt out all your favourite songs! Not only is karaoke lots of fun but you can totally embarrass your friends when it comes to their 21st birthday with the sneaky footage you took when it was their turn behind the mic.


17) Party X

Attach a go pro to your person or place it somewhere in the venue at your 21st birthday party or even just tell everyone to take lots of videos. You may not want to watch the footage the next day though, or ever.


18) Birth-weekend Bender

You only turn 21 once, you may as well milk it for all it’s got! Three nights of partying means triple the fun, right?


19) Get fancy

Demonstrate your maturity and organise classy canapés and cocktails at the venue for your 21st birthday party so that you can look the part of being a legal adult (even if you don’t quite feel like it yet).


20) Don’t get fancy

Totally disregard tip #19 and embrace your youth before it disappears forever! Turn those canapés into mini cheeseburgers and swap those cocktails for beers! It’s your 21st birthday party, you can act however you want!


Beer for your 21st Birthday Party


21) Venue

A killer party calls for the perfect 21st birthday venue: somewhere that will cater to your needs for your special night, is in the perfect spot for all your guests to access and has beautiful big function rooms to fit in all your guests with plenty of room for dancing, like the Pineapple Hotel!

So now you’ve got some ideas on how to make sure your 21st birthday party goes off without a hitch and you and all your guests will all have a blast! Book a function room for the big night at the Pineapple Hotel now and talk to them about your ideas, they’ll be happy to do whatever they can to make your night special and all about you!

Enquire Now: Host your 21st Birthday Party at the Pineapple Hotel


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Australia Day 2017: Brisbane’s Best Australia Day Event

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Australia Day 2017: Brisbane’s Best Australia Day Event

Australia Day 2017

Australia Day 2017 is on its way and that just means one thing, it’s time to dust off those thongs, nab yourself a slab and get ready to celebrate living year round in the best dang country in the whole wide world.

Australia Day 2017: What’s On
– Pineapple Thowing Contest
– Triple J’s Hottest 100
– Live music & entertainment
– Cold beverages
– Restaurant bookings available

Australia Day 2017: Restaurant Bookings

If you would like to reserve a table for Australia Day 2017, please call our restaurant Ph.  (07) 3393 1111



Australia Day 2017: The Pineapple Hotel

So when it comes to Australia Day in Brisbane there’s only one way to do it right, and that’s with a cracking day out at the Pineapple Hotel.

So whether you’re true blue, born and bred or just an Aussie at heart (we’re looking at you Kiwis) let our friendly team take care of your January 26th with a day of fun and festivity guaranteed to bring a patriotic tear to your eye.


Make it count on Australia Day with Brisbane’s best tunes:

Summer just isn’t summer without a cracking soundtrack to accompany it, which is why this Australia Day, Brisbane’s best selection of tunes is with us! Hang out downstairs in the Park Bar and catch some of the best local acts light up the stage for a cracking afternoon of live music and ice-cold beers with your mates. Or keep the flames of tradition burning with our Triple J hottest 100 party and countdown to the year’s #1 party anthem (who are we kidding, just give Flume the bloody title and call it a day already).


The Australia Day 2017 Pineapple Throwing Competition

12 grueling months of cross-fit gains has led to this moment, so it’s time to flex your muscles and get ready for glory with our official Australia Day pineapple throwing competition. Earn the respect (and envy) off all your mates, and land yourself some serious cash with Brisbane’s most prestigious competition of strength, grace and beauty – try and keep a straight face.

Whatever your style, grab yourself an ice-cold round of beers, get in touch with your inner patriot simply no place and celebrate Australia Day 2017 with a true blue day out at the Pineapple Hotel.