Father’s Day

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Father’s Day

Don’t forget to mark a very important date down on your calendar, kids! After he taught us how to ride bikes and butter our toast, it’s our turn to jot some nice words down on a funny card and take Dad out for a special Father’s Day meal.


Treat Dad to a celebration at the Pineapple Hotel on Sunday 4 September. With plenty of dining spaces, a playground for the kids, and beers on tap (of course!), it’s a family reunion spot that will make everyone feel special.


This Father’s Day we’ll be running a rare deal – and safe to say it’d be a misteak to miss it! Beef up your outing with our Black Onyx pure Black Angus rib fillet and a pint of Heineken for just $50. Our extra gift to Dad? He gets to keep the pint glass!


Ready to toast to another year of bad jokes, dodgy sock and sandal combos, and dorky dance routines at family reunions? Book your space now on (07) 3393 1111.

Melbourne Cup – Tuesday 1 November

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Melbourne Cup – Tuesday 1 November

We hope you’ve got your best hat picked out! We’re setting up for a racy affair at the Pineapple Hotel for this year’s Melbourne Cup. While the race that stops the nation works its way throughout Brisbane, ditch that dull office party for a social event to remember at the Pineapple!


For just $99pp, you’ll be treated to a 3 course meal, 3 hour beverage package, and full live coverage of the whole event. Bring your friends, family, and anyone else who managed to escape from the office – ‘cause if there’s one thing you shouldn’t gamble on, it’s where you’ll be for Australia’s biggest race day! Our menu has been designed with the freshest produce in mind. Guests will have their choice of one entrée and main from the following, plus dessert.



Mooloolaba prawn cocktail

Oysters three ways

Slow cooked pork belly with apple chutney

Salad of asparagus, goats cheese and lemon oil



Atlantic salmon with lemon risotto and herbs

300g John Doe rib filled with desiree mash, steamed greens and forest mushroom sauce

Moroccan spiced lamb shank with a tagine of tomato, figs, dates and almonds

Confit duck with duck fat potatoes, broccolini, jus and fig vincotto

Linguini with forest mushroom, truffled crème fraiche and herbs



Petite fours and chocolates


To book your spot, please call (07) 3393 1111.

Never the Sane reunion

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Never the Sane reunion

We’re turning back the clock for a whole night at the Pineapple Hotel! With a nod back to the 90s and its live music scene, we’ve set up an exclusive concert on Saturday 27 August by old Pineapple favourites Never the Sane.


Never the Sane were once the tunes you’d kick back to with a beer at the Piney, mixing reggae and soul with good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. While they’re no longer playing Brisbane gigs, the team is reuniting for band member Terry’s 50th birthday – and we plan on rocking the house down!


Join us for this one time only reunion at the Pineapple Hotel – we’ve got a whole night of entertainment planned!
Muster up the gang and cheer on Brisbane bands Pick it UpNever the Sane and Preston.


Doors open at 7.30pm and a DJ will kick off the night as our bands set up. Cover charge for the night’s entertainment will be $10 (but don’t forget to send Terry a roaring birthday cheer!).

21st Birthday Speech Writing Tips

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21st Birthday Speech Writing Tips

21st Birthday Speech Writing Tips

Birthdays: cake, presents, parties … speeches. Yep, Dad’s getting on and wants to reminisce, friends are celebrating their 21st birthday party and want jokes that’ll dull the pain, and your third cousin just wants some filler while the candles are being lit. If you’ve been “privileged” with the task of presenting for a shindig, we’ve lined up a few birthday speech writing tips to keep the event as quick and painless as possible for everyone involved.


Scan the room

Ask the party planner about the guests rocking up. If toddlers or grandparents with heart conditions are in the front row, you may want to steer clear of any risqué anecdotes. Your buddy’s wife probably doesn’t want to hear an extended speech about his dating record, either. Know your crowd.

Birthday Speech tips



Let everyone get a few drinks in

Barring drunk uncle Larry, who’s bound to have tottered in half-cut anyway, most guests will probably take a little while to loosen up. Give them an hour or so to pound back a couple of beers before trying your hand at entertainment. Trust us: the jokes will seem infinitely funnier.


birthday speeches


Chuck in a joke

On that note, it’s a good idea to keep birthday speeches light and fluffy. Let’s face it, half the guests are probably annoyed at how long the cake’s taking, and the other half are probably trying to break up a family brawl across the room. A funny speech can set a great vibe and act as a welcome distraction.


Birthday speech writing tips


Sadly, you’re not immortal

Before you start teasing the birthday boy or girl relentlessly, be aware that you probably don’t have the power to stay 29 forever. Your time will come, and they will find you.


Tips for birthday speeches


Chug away

The best speeches end with a toast to the guest of honour. Whether that’s in an effort to tug at everyone’s heartstrings or simply dull the pain with a tonne of alcoholic beverages, it doesn’t really matter. Grab a boozy drink, raise your glass, and breathe easy. You’re done.


Tips for birthday speeches


Our best tip? Tell Dad you’re out of town for next year’s festivities.

3 Reasons the Pineapple Hotel should be your next corporate function venue

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3 Reasons the Pineapple Hotel should be your next corporate function venue

3 Reasons the Pineapple Hotel should be your next corporate function venue

We’ve all felt it, that inevitable clenching feeling in your jaw when you know you’re due for another corporate catch up. That awful time of year when you and all of your colleagues get rounded up and dumped in a cold and boring corporate function venue with nothing but a tray of sandwiches and some name tags to keep you occupied – the horror!

It doesn’t have to be this way, picking your next team building venue in Brisbane is super simple when you leave it our capable hands. Forget the stuffy old corporate snoozer, we’ve got three reasons why casual corporate functions are the best kind of functions.


Corporate Function Tips: Team Building:

The big bosses sure do love to throw those two words around don’t they? But everyone knows that team building is better with a drink in your hand and smile on your face. That’s why picking the right corporate function venue in Brisbane can make or break your next bonding session. At the Pineapple Hotel you can choose from our three unique functions spaces, so whether its cocktails and nibbles in the Parkview Bar, a sit down spread in our Plantation Room or beers and banter on the Verandah, you are guaranteed to get your team bonding over the great views, good food and friendly atmosphere at the Pineapple Hotel.

Corporate Team Building Ideas

Corporate Function Tips: Team Motivation:

The closer we get to the silly season the harder it can be to get your team motivated – and face it, a tray of party pies and some balloons just isn’t going to cut it! Inspire your co-workers with a fun affair at Brisbane’s favourite corporate functions venue! Our extensive range of food and beverage packages are sure to please from moreish canapés to gourmet BBQ’s (no dodgy snags here, think juicy fillet steaks and tender herbed kebabs), it’s a sure fire way to make your next corporate function a hit.

21st Birthday venues in brisbane

Corporate Function Tips: Increased Productivity:

A happy office is productive office and nothing makes us happier than a smashing party at a great functions venue. Reward your hard working team with a killer spread like our buffet menu, loaded with fresh seafood, whole roasted legs of ham, festive salads and finished off with a range of decadent desserts like salted caramel and sticky date puddings. Throw down a little extra and shout your team a 4-hour beverage package complete with their choice of beer, wine and spirits. Nothing says #1 boss quite like a fully loaded corporate function with bar tab to match.

So, ditch the stuffy digs and throw those nametags in the trash, because when it comes to picking your corporate function venue in Brisbane, you just can’t beat the Pineapple Hotel.

Ask us how we can help you secure your nomination for “world’s greatest boss” today.