Athletes we want to share a drink with

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Athletes we want to share a drink with

We’ve worked hard to make the Piney the Brisbane hotel to visit for watching live sport but now we’re thinking of giving Brisbane tourism a boost by sending out some invitations to some very special guests. So, without further ado, here’s a list of international sporting stars we want to see come in, watch the game and share a drink with us.


Rob Gronkowski

For those familiar with the New England Patriots’ powerhouse tight end, this one isn’t a surprise but for the uninitiated Gronk is 198cm of crazy muscles and fist pumping, good-time-having, bro energy (bro-nergy?). He’s a paragon of someone who wants to have a good time and we’re feeling up for the challenge of going along with him (even if it would take an extensive pre-season training regime just to keep up).


Cameron Smith

After captaining the mighty maroons to another Origin victory (full disclosure, this was written before game two, but c’mon…) we want to go 80 minutes of viewership with the man that leads the Kangaroos out onto the field and see just how much we can learn about rugby league. Smith is a master of leading a team around the park and we’d be keen to listen to his commentary of a game (especially while enjoying a few choice drinks) and ‘borrow’ as many insights and tidbits as possible for the next time we want to impress randoms at the bar. We’d also love to know what words Cam uses to sweet talk a referee for the next time we run afoul of an authority figure.


Stephen Curry

Ok so fair enough, the baby-faced assassin might need to show his ID three or four times before anyone serves him something harder than pink lemonade but as the first ever unanimous MVP in NBA history (suck it, Lebron) we want to know what makes this super-human shooter tick and how it feels to be on the most successful regular-season basketball team of all time.


Lebron James

Dear Mr 6’9”, 115kg Lebron James. We’re sorry we told you to suck it. Please let us buy you a drink to make up for our faux-pas.


Wade Boggs and David Boon

Wanting to share drinks with these two might make this more of a suicide note than a blog post but here goes. We all know of Boonie’s legend – drinking a solid fifty-two(!!) beers on a flight from Sydney to London – but much like Robert Downey Jr is a cheap American version of Hugh Jackman, the yanks also have an athlete with an epic thirst for mile-high beer. Wade Boggs, a former Boston Red Sox, Yankees and Tampa Bay Devil Rays third baseman and member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, is said to have polished off sixty-four(!!!) beers on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Boggs played in a time when cheating with substance abuse was prevalent so he probably drank flimsy American beers to boost his numbers but still, we’d love to see these two goliaths of their sports (and of drinking) for pint-for-pint.


Kevin Pietersen

Actually, you know what? On second thought we’re probably good here.

Footy grand finals at The Pineapple Hotel

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Footy grand finals at The Pineapple Hotel

Footy fans, a massive weekend is set to hit screens this weekend!


Although we are all booked out for the AFL grand final, there’s still some time to secure your spot to watch the NRL grand final live on our big screen now!


NRL Grand Final – Sunday October 2 2016 – The Park Bar

Melbourne Storm  vs Cronulla Sharks

nrl 2

State of Origin Game II at the Pineapple Hotel

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State of Origin Game II at the Pineapple Hotel

Game one was tighter than a second rower’s head to a prop’s arse cheek but with 80 minutes of Origin 2016 in the books now the only thing that’s close is Queensland to another victory. It’s going down at Suncorp but the Pineapple Hotel is the place to be to catch the action – shorter walks to the bar, better food and no need to censor yourself when talking about the referees.


What’s more, every XXXX purchased on the night will enter you into a raffle to win a State of Origin Frame to commemorate another Maroon series win (or maybe NSW levelling the series but…c’mon).


It’s game two on Wednesday 22nd of June and we want to hear you and your mates cheering from the Pineapple Hotel.

UFC 200 is coming to the Pineapple Hotel

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UFC 200 is coming to the Pineapple Hotel

Let’s get ready to rumble! Prepare for a day full of wrestle mania at the Pineapple Hotel on Sunday 10 July. We’ll be weighing in to the live streaming of UFC 200 at 12PM AEST. With plenty of tap beers and hot food available for our ringside broadcast, settle in for the following matches:


World light heavyweight championship: Cormier vs Jones 2

World bantamweight championship: Tate vs Nunes

Interim featherweight championship: Aldo vs Edgar 2


Pop in early or hang back late for our broadcast of the weigh-ins, prelims, and post-fight show.

Round up the boys and join us for a slamming showdown of epic proportions!

For more information, call 3393 1111