Christmas On A Budget: 5 Tips for Saving

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Christmas Party Budget Tips

Christmas is a notoriously expensive time of year, and when money is disappearing faster than Santa will deliver all his presents it can be hard to get enough together to throw a half-decent Christmas party. But never fear, the Pineapple Hotel is here, and we’ve got five tips for throwing a super soiree on even the tightest of budgets.


E-Vite, not Invite

The days of the paper invitation are over, so forget about shelling out big bucks for something people aren’t really going to care about. You can print your own and hand label them if you insist on something tangible, but for your work Christmas party  no one will mind an invite over internet or email. In fact there’s plenty of services which allow you put together e-vites that’ll save you money while still being professional and formal enough that they’re not tacky.




Down Drinks and Stay Cashed Up

If we had to nail down one part of your office Christmas party that will send you broke, it’s the drinks. With all your employees in the one room finally letting their hair down, sometimes it can be a bit too easy for things to get out of control (budget-wise, of course). So reign it in by opting for a drinks package and cash bar option for the evening’s provisions. Shell out for the basics (like beer and wine) and leave anything premium up to the individual. No one will think you’re a cheap skate, but you’ll still be saving some serious cash.




Mid-Week Is The New Black

Who said the Christmas party had to be on a Friday evening? If you stick to this rule you’re setting yourself up for some mostly avoidable costs by throwing your do on one of the most expensive nights of the week. Mix it up and keep some extra cash by getting everyone together on a week night when venue minimum spends are at their lowest. Keep the party going by telling everyone to take the next day off and you’ll be the most popular boss in town.




Ditch December

Much like the Christmas party  doesn’t have to be on a Friday evening, it doesn’t have to be in December either. Ok, so there might be a much stronger argument for why we throw Christmas parties in December, but who needs to stick to tradition anyway? Move the do to January to avoid the expense of peak party season, or celebrate a tradition of a different kind by celebrating Christmas in July. Whatever way you go, there’s plenty of financial benefits to ditching December.




Canapés for Days

The soggy sandwich platter or the sit down gourmet menu? One is cost effective but bland, and the other tastes great but costs a bomb. But wait, there’s a third option, and it’s got the best of both worlds. With the Pineapple Hotel’s canapé menu, you can pick up to eight gourmet canapés for all your guests to share, saving you from splashing cash on a sit down menu or having left over cucumber sandwiches here, there and everywhere.

So now you know how to save some coin at your next Christmas party, why not check out the Pineapple Hotel’s function packages for some Xmas party ideas that’ll be fun for everyone (including your accountant).


World’s Greatest Shave Cocktail Fundraiser

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Wine, dine and do your bit for charity when local legend Tanya Drewitt Buckley dares to bare in this year’s World’s Greatest Shave.

Join us on Saturday 23 April from 7pm for a fun filled evening of bubbles, canapés, live music and a VIP guest speaker, as Tanya gears up to be brave and shave for a worthy cause.

Grab your ticket today! There’s never been a better excuse to show your support for the Leukaemia Foundation by celebrating at your favourite local, the Pineapple Hotel.

Email [email protected] to secure your spot.

Who: Tanya Drewitt Buckley

What: World’s Greatest Shave

When: Saturday 23 April

Where: Plantation Room, Pineapple Hotel

How Much: $20pp

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Weddings on a Budget: Twelve Tips for Saving

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Weddings on a Budget: Twelve Tips for Saving

Updated 19th February, 2017

You’ve just said ‘yes,’ and now it’s time to start planning the wedding you’ve secretly had a Pinterest board for since you were 17. But those euphoric feelings of finally being able to find unique wedding ideas on a budget and affordable honeymoon spots start fading away when you realise one thing: how much it’s going to cost you.

The average Australian wedding costs $36,200 – not small change for anyone. And when it comes down to starting your wedded life with a house deposit or a mountain of debt, it can be pretty tempting to just run away to the registry office. But before you go planning how to break it to your parents that there won’t be a big white wedding, here’s seven tips to help you plan your wedding on a small budget so your can muster up that home loan.

Budget Wedding Ideas

Budget Wedding Tip 1: THE VENUE – How to Avoid Unnecessary Minimum Spends

The first thing you book is also the most expensive, so you can either sell your kidney or you can take the slightly less invasive route and find a way to lower your dream venue’s minimum spend. If you’re planning a wedding on a small budget, try searching for a cocktail wedding venue and save even more when you turn your reception into a weekday soiree. Bonus savings also come when you have your wedding between January and October. Here at the Pineapple Hotel we’ve covered all bases for you, with cocktail, buffet, gourmet BBQ and sit down reception options, in the best Brisbane function rooms and all with a minimum spend that’s a whole lot friendlier.


Affordable Wedding Ideas


Budget Wedding Tip 2: THE FOOD – How to Satisfy Hunger on a Budget

It’s not everyday that you have to feed such a large group of your nearest and dearest, and while you want everyone to eat in style it can be hard to figure out how to get that gourmet menu without shelling out half your budget. If you’re searching for some low budget wedding reception ideas, take the time to put together a crowd-pleasing set menu and lock it in at a price that won’t kill your appetite.


Budget Wedding Tip 3: THE DRINKS –Set Drinks Packages Save Serious Cash

Now you’ve got the food sorted it’s time to tackle the eternal reception question; to open bar or not to open bar? We say why not have the best of both worlds? Enjoy an open bar as you celebrate the evening away, but save yourself some cash by having a set drinks package to accompany your meal. There’ll be no one quietly complaining about that.


Budget Wedding Ideas


Budget Wedding Tip 4: THE PHOTOGRAPHER – How to Save on Creating Memories

‘You charge HOW much?’ was probably the response to your first quote for wedding photography. Yep, those treasured memories will cost you, but before you agree to mortgage your soul, consider negotiating a photographer for your ceremony only. After all, your friends and family will be snapping everything at the reception, and photo booths exist for a reason.


Budget Wedding Tip 5: THE MUSIC – Epic Playlists over Performers

Avoid the chance of a tipsy performer messing up song lyrics during your first dance and create your own wedding playlist. It’s an option that costs little to nothing and it can add a wonderfully personal touch to your celebrations. Plus you can keep the playlist and relive memories of your big day whenever you listen to it.


Budget Wedding Tip 6: THE EMCEE – Don’t Splurge on an Emcee – Make it Personal

Rather than hire a stranger to be the master of your ceremony why not save money and make it a more personal and unique experience by asking a friend or family member to do the honours or prepare wedding speeches? As long as you get your reception plan down pat before the big day, there’s no need to fret that things will go awry (but maybe don’t pick that friend who tends to get a little too fond of the open bar).

Disney Hens Party Ideas

Budget Wedding Tip 7: THE DRESS – Customise, Customise, Customise!

This one’s a big one, and likely an area you’re reluctant to skimp on, but don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to forgo the dress of your dreams. If you’ve got a specific vision in mind for the dress you’ll wear on your big day why not create it rather than search high and low to find it. With a good tailor by your side you can find a dress with great bones and customise it exactly how you like. This way you get the perfect dress without the luxury price tag that usually comes when you find it in store.


Budget Wedding Tip 8: ‘Thanks, it’s rented’

Here’s an affordable wedding tip that often slips our client’s minds! Get the wedding dress of your dreams for a fraction of the price tag by renting or borrowing for the day! With fantastic online services now available, you can get the dress you’ve always wanted without trying to figure out what to do with it after your big day.



Budget Wedding Tip 9: Skip the Signage

Planning a wedding on a small budget can be tricky, which is why sometimes keeping it simple can be best. Our recommendation? Save time and money by skipping unnecessary decorations like ‘Mr & Mrs’ signs – if you’re guests can’t figure out who is who, you probably shouldn’t invite them.


Budget Wedding Tip 10: Give your nametags a touch of homemade charm.

Fancy letterpress services and the like can be costly to start with and frustrating if they get it wrong. So, if you’re looking for some truly unique wedding ideas on a budget we recommend trying to craft your table place cards yourself. For a rustic spin try writing guests names on pretty leaves or strips of bark from your garden.



Budget Wedding Tip 11:  Digitise your memories

Guests books are a great way to keep track of all the wonderful people who shared your special day, but to be honest half your guests will forget to sign it and the other half are likely to forget they’ve already signed it and will sign it again – we’re looking at you Uncle Mark.  We recommend skipping the process altogether or using an iPad app to keep track and avoid embarrassing double ups.


Budget Wedding Tip 12: Does there have to be a morning after?

We’re not sure who started the ‘wedding recovery’ tradition, but we wish they hadn’t. While it’s always a nice idea to keep the party going as long as possible, planning a wedding on a small budget doesn’t always accommodate for two celebrations. Keep it simple and ditch the customary family brunch the next day, trust us, your budget will thank you for it!

Start Planning Your Dream Wedding

With these seven tips in mine, find out what your wedding budget can stretch to at the Pineapple Hotel. Take a look at our function packages and start planning your reception at one of the best wedding venues Brisbane has to offer.