Break the Ice at Brisbane’s Best Engagement Party Venue

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Brisbane Engagement Party - Our Guide

So you’ve got the ring on your finger and updated your Facebook relationship status accordingly the only thing left to do to set your engagement off is to throw a great party at an even greater engagement party venue. But if you don’t want to settle for just any old celebration, our team have come up with 3 great engagement party ideas that’ll have you smiling all the way down the aisle.

Break the ice:

Love your partner’s zany relatives but you’re not quite sure how your Nanna is going to react to their colourful personas? Every great engagement party venue knows that breaking the ice between your wedding guests is crucial to the success of your big day, and nothing warms up a crowd quite like a little team work. Why not arrange your guests into teams and invite them to play a game of trivia all about you and your partner? It’s a sure fire way to get the crowd mingling over their favourite memories from your amazing journey together.

Let loose:  

Weddings are pretty serious business, but that doesn’t mean your engagement party has to be. For memories that will last you long past your big day ditch the ordinary and inject some fun into your engagement party venue with features like photo booths and your very own lolly buffet – because there’s nothing like a little sugar rush to remind your guests how sweet love really is.

Make your own engagement flash mob:

Take your engagement party ideas to the next level and bring everyone together a surprise flash mob! Pick your favourite song, send out the choreography in advance and entertain your guests with your very own Youtube worthy moment. If there’s one sure fire way to introduce your love to the world, it’s with a little bit of viral internet hilarity.

Make sure you kick start the rest of your life with a party as fun as you are because and leave the rest to us. Because when it comes to pulling off perfect engagement parties, Brisbane’s experts are right here at the Pineapple Hotel.

Our Guide to 21st Birthday Parties in Brisbane

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It doesn’t matter where you come from, all around the world if there is one great tradition that holds true for every young adult’s life, it’s the time honoured tradition of the 21st Birthday party. This isn’t any other ordinary birthday celebration, it’s the official start to your (kind of) grown up life, and we all know that nothing less than a proper party is going to cut it. So when it comes to nailing down the perfect 21st birthday venue, Brisbane’s party experts can be found right here at the Pineapple Hotel.

Keep it Classy in the Plantation Room:

There’s nothing worse than trying to plan your dream party in a dodgy venue.

Score yourself some serious style points with your friends this year and treat them to an upmarket shindig in our signature Plantation Room. This stylish, heritage-listed function space comes fully equipped with wide sweeping verandahs, private bar and all the AV equipment you need, so you can wine ‘em, dine ‘em and then blow them away with that big speech at the end of the night.

Get the party started in Park View:

So you’ve been given the key to your adulthood and it is time to put it to good use. Unlock your party destiny with a big night out in the Park View function space and treat your guests to a little VIP action. Featuring your very own private bar and outdoor deck space overlooking the park it’s the perfect casual 21st birthday venue to kick off an entire weekend of festivities, after all when it comes to celebrating the first day of the rest of your adult life why should you just stop at the one night?

Have a theme 

To spice things up a little in your event calendar, why not have a party theme? There are endless options, from the classics like masquerade and Gatsby, to the more quirky ideas like ‘my biggest fear’ and ‘thrift shopping’. It automatically changes the tone of your event to a more casual, fun affair.

Host an intimate Dinner for your Closest Loved Ones 

The best thing about 21st birthdays is that there are so many ways to celebrate. If you’re not into the partying scene then an intimate sit down feast with 10 of your closest could be a perfect way to celebrate. Dine the night away over delicious share platters or 3-course menus carefully selected for your party.

Mingle over Cocktails and Canapés 

If you prefer a bigger affair then a cocktail party is a perfect way to celebrate. Let your guests mingle over canapés and cocktails, all carefully selected by yourself. This keeps guests moving and socialising, forcing your more antisocial friends out of the corner! Of course, at a cocktail party there should also ways be space for dancing and end of night speeches.


You’re another year older, so make sure you party wiser and leave the details to the Pineapple Hotel, Brisbane’s number one 21st Birthday venue.