21st Birthday Venue in Brisbane: Make the most of your party

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21st Birthday Venue in Brisbane: Make the most of your party

21st birthdays are always a milestone – you’re considered a ‘real’ adult (because we all know 18 doesn’t count), can drink legally all over the world, and you have the chance to host the party of the year. You spend your days lusting over Pinterest displays, deciding on details from the balloon colourings to the candy stations, you’ve nailed down your outfit and invited your entire Facebook friends list, but what you really want is for your party to be memorable. So, here are a three ways the Pineapple Hotel can jazz up your event, and make it one that you, your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

21st Birthday venues in brisbane

Try a Themed Birthday Party

Party like it’s 1990 with a themed birthday party based on your birth year! (Or, of course, any other theme of your choosing – animal onsies anyone?) Nothing gets people into the mood to party like lowering their insecurities with a few drinks and a funny costume. Whether you’re hosting a small function for your closest friends and family at the Park Bar, or throwing a big birthday bash in the Plantation Room, a theme will set the mood and give your guests a talking point.

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Hire a photo booth

You’re never too old to enjoy a photo booth, and your 21st birthday is the perfect time to document an occasion. No matter the size of your function, or the space you choose for your event, a photo booth is a compact way to have some big fun. We’ll worry about the hiring – all you have to worry about are the happy snaps!

No cleaning up the day after

Why host a birthday party at home when the cleaning up onus is on you the next day! No half finished cans of soft drink, or food squashed into your furniture here, we’ll make sure your 21st birthday is a stress free one. No cleaning up for you? Bonus!

21st Birthday Party venues brisbane

21st Birthday Parties at the Pineapple Hotel

A great atmosphere makes for a great party, and that all comes down your 21st birthday venue. Whether you’re planning on a sit down or stand up function, there’s a space perfectly suited to your big night at the Pineapple Hotel. Enquire today and feel confident knowing you’ve booked the best 21st birthday venue in Brisbane.

Father’s Day

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Fathers day

This September 6, treat Dad to our Father’s Day special:

A Cape Grim 120 day dry aged New York strip on the bone, topped with half a Moreton Bay bug and paired with an ice cold pint of Heineken for just $50 – and he gets to keep the glass!

Not up his alley? There are plenty more options on our new restaurant menu.

We’ve got space to suit small groups and family reunions alike, and there’s even a playground for the little ones – it might be Father’s Day, but the entire family will have a great time.

Call 3393 1111 to make a booking.